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P0171: oxygen sensor in bank 1 has detected a lean condition (too much oxygen in the exhaust). the side of the engine that has P0171 is one of the more common trouble codes. This code is triggered by the first downstream (front) O2 sensor. Bank #1 refers to the side which has cylinder #1, In a 4 cylinder it is the cylinder in the front of the engine. The ...


I had a 2001 corolla with similar symptoms. It turned out being a evap issue. A real pain in the butt to diagnose. The thing you have to watch with corolla is when you fuel it. Make sure you stop at the first click. Accidentally overfilling can mess up the charcoal canister can make your life living hell. A stuck purge valve can cause flooding issues when ...


More than likely the sound the car is making is the wheel bearing or the rotor hitting, torque spec for the front axle nut is 158 ft.lbs. The C1422 probably occurred from a low voltage situation and the sensor needs to be re-calibrated. C1413 is probably due to the axle nut being loose.

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