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If the top hose is hot and swollen, while you can touch and hold the bottom hose (you said it was cool), I'd suggest your radiator is clogged ... quite severely in fact. The normal flow of coolant is from the top to the bottom of the radiator in most cars. If the top radiator hose is bloated and hot, it's getting some amount of fluid through it, but not ...


From little I know about cars, if you said you've bled the car properly and the problem is still continuing from what I know that the hose could and could not be the problem. The hose being hot and the bottom cold is normal this means it's working in a way, doing its job but if it's still overheating you could try changing the top hose if it's swollen there ...


If the leak is only inside the vehicle: There are 2 tubes that allow the coolant to flow in and out through the firewall. These tubes send heated coolant to the heater core inside your dash to provide the inside of your car with heat. If it is leaking inside the car, then either one of these tubes has a hole in it, or your heater core is has a leak. (its ...


Of course the wáter pump "looks" fine. It always does, until the seal fails. or the bearing fails and takes the seal with it. You should always change the pump when you are at the timing componentes. After the overheatings you experienced, it won't be long for the pump to fail. I am pretty sure your problems didn't go away completely.

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