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You have a leak. If the white smoke is coming from the engine compartment, then you are leaking coolant from radiator, hose or gasket. If the smoke is coming from your tailpipe, then you're leaking coolant into the engine itself (bummer). If it's coming from the tailpipe, take it to the mechanic and bend over. It's going to hurt. If it's in the engine ...


If you found your coolant reservoir completely empty there's a very good chance you have a coolant leak somewhere, or popped a line. There's a whole list of possibilities, but if was empty then there is a leak somewhere. Don't inhale any of the white smoke as I believe it is toxic. I also believe burning coolant tends to smell "sweet".


Try these steps replace cooling temp sensor... install new hoses top and bottom radiator hose along with any other smaller hoses chk if real soft rubbery feeling its time to change if stiff slighty pinchable then they good..second replace radiator per it can be clogged and not allow proper water flow..leave cap off make sure fill with antifreeze and start ...

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