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Found out this actually requires another O-ring, not a gasket. Another O-ring came with new the thermostat and I was able to use that.


My 2001 aztek with 120000 miles was overheating badly. Radiator had a leak and was replaced. Still overheating with new thermostat. Bottom line dexcool ate head gaskets up. Was losing Antifreeze thru cylinder. Replaced head gaskets and put in standard Antifreeze. Runs great.


Have the coolant reservoir flushed and replace it with new coolant.


It sounds very much like you've blown a head gasket. Even with a new vehicle such as yours, this is not unheard of. There are only two ways you'll get white smoke that I'm aware of, those being a blown head gasket or it sucking up automatic transmission fluid. A head gasket is much more common. I'm sure this thing is still under warranty, so get it down to ...

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