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I wanted to know if it is OK to put only water in your radiator and reservoir tank. Personally I think not but my so called boyfriend seems to think that it doesn't matter and now my car has nothing but water in it.


Your problem is probably with the oil cooler. The LT1 can have an oil cooler which pushes coolant through a housing at the oil filter. It cools the oil as it enters and exits the oil filter. Here is a diagram of the system: You'd be looking at #4 where the heat exchange occurs. If this housing were to crack or have an issue, you'd be pumping oil into the ...


The tick creamy sludge is caused by oil and coolant mixing - so you need to know the original cause of that mixing - i.e. how is the oil getting into the coolant in the first place. The most common causes of this are failures of headgaskets or oil coolers. The suggestion that it will take some time for all the oil to be flushed out is rubbish, as any ...

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