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As a mechanic with many years of experience there are only a couple of ways engine oil can enter the coolant system Someone added oil to the coolant overflow tank or radiator. A crack in between an oil gallery and a coolant passage either in the engine block or the cylinder head(s). There could be some other reasons but it has been my experience that ...


There is no way to put sealant around the outside of the housing to get it to stop leaking. You could possibly put a sealant within the coolant system, such as Bar's Radiator Stop Leak, which may or may not solve your leak issue temporarily (may solve it permanently, but I never trust it). Your better bet is to just replace the gasket. This is a ...


Water is corrosive. You will shorten your engine's life if you don't add antifreeze. Antifreeze, on top of everything else it does, also acts as a rust inhibitor. Yes, you can run straight water, but your coolant boiling point will be lower AND you'll corrode the inside of your engine and destroy your water pump.


The check engine lights need to be read and cleared if you haven't done it already. This can only be done with an OBD-II scanner. If you don't have one, take it to an Autozone or the like. They can do it for you and will usually do so for free.

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