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The most likely scenario is that you only have a single malfunction: your thermostat. If it's open all the time, the engine will take much longer to get up to temperature (as you've noticed), and some/most AC systems are completely paranoid when the engine isn't at it's operating temperature or isn't cooling normally. Get your thermostat replaced.


At the very least, the thermostat should be changed since it really isn't an expensive or intensive repair. Was this done while you were at the mechanic? This would certainly solve the temp gauge and engine temp. I don't believe (not 100% sure) this issue would affect the operation of the AC (it would with the heat).


Check for coolant in your oil too (it'll look milky or frothy). If you have that, have your car towed to your garage of choice and get your head gasket replaced. It's not safe to drive!


Nr. 1 cause: damaged head gasket Nr. 2 cause: damaged oil cooler (if present) Nr. 3 cause: cracks in the engine block/head


I am not familiar with G12 coolant, as it seems to be VW/Audi specific, but mixing incompatible coolants will cause precipitation ("sludge") within your cooling system, which will cause blockage. G12 coolant comes in a variety of colours, read more here. What you can do is remove a small quantity of your coolant (use a turkey baster), place it in a clean ...


A simple cause of boiling coolant is a radiator cap that doesn't hold pressure anymore. The cooling system is designed to be under a small amount of pressure, and that pressure increases the boiling temperature of water to the 250 degree neighborhood. A working cap will hold 12-15psi, and without it holding pressure, boiling happens much sooner, depending ...


Coolant boiling over usually indicates poor coolant circulation. Either your water pump is starting to fail (they usually leak a little bit when they start to fail) or your cooling system is partially obstructed. Here's things to check: look at the area near your water pump for small leaks (indicates worn out water pump) check your coolant level in the ...


Step 1) check your oil. If there is water that will be an indication of an intake gasket or head gasket. I'll update this after you've relied with that. :) Thanks for your service! :D and welcome!


I see what appears to be a A/C evaporator coil assembly housing based on the large aluminum tube at the top and a smaller one at the bottom. I would say that is the drain hole for the condensation to drain out. No hose required.

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