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I'd check to make sure that the fan in front of the radiator is operational and not missing any fins or the shroud. And it would be best to install a thermostat, since your cooling system probably isn't pressurizing without one, which means it can absorb less heat. Do not check with your hand!


It is unlikely that you would be able to drive a car without coolant for three weeks. I suspect what actually happened is that there was a coolant leak, possibly (probably) as a result of the work carried out to your car. It's likely to have been a small leak and it's taken three weeks for what remained of the coolant to seep away. What I would say is to ...


When it comes to coolant. It is not recommended to run with either 100% water or ethylene glycol. Manufacturers (Ford in this case) recommend the that the coolant concentration not go below 40% or exceed 60%. Doing so will do damage parts and they won't function properly. 50/50 mixture provides protection from -37C(-34F) to +129C(265F). Well within safe ...


had same problem on Polo 2008. Found leaking expansion tank: when is full and hot it starts leaking slightly through the middle joint. I noticed it only when topped up right to the MAX line. need to look carefully to see it. hoe it helps


As long as you have replaced the radiator cap, then there should not be excessive pressure in the cooling system. The system is designed to hold 16PSI. If it does exceed this pressure, it will release pressure into the overflow tank. When the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed, not allowing coolant to flow through the upper radiator hose. Once the ...


I am glad you got a good outcome, but would like to answer because I have a fair amount of experience with difficult cooling system issues, and the most recent one occurred while I was over 1,000 miles from home. Had I been close to my home it would have not been very inconveniencing. On top of that, it was the hottest time of the year and I had traveled 1,...

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