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There is nothing inherently wrong with what the service manager told you. (As an aside, service managers and mechanics are looking for add-on work. They get paid more money for this work than work you bring to them to do. If he says it's not a problem, believe them, because if they could make some money off of you, they'll do it.) If it serves your peace of ...


This is your Heater Control Valve But I am going to explain what it does. First of all the "wire" you see is actually a vacuum line, it's a hollow (hopefully) air-tight tube that passes vacuum to the Heater Control Valve. The heater control valve is a vacuum actuated valve that in the open position allows fluid to pass through and in the closed position ...


There's a service bulletin for replacing the thermostat should be covered under warranty


Yes, it's normal. Maybe just a tiny bit on the cool side. But if you're in traffic a lot that cooler thermostat is a good thing. All the cars I've owned would run between 85 and 95 degrees Celsius. 85 at highway speeds, then creeping up to 95 or 96 when in slow traffic, at which point the fans kick in. Pro tip: the hotter an engine runs, the more ...


In terms of possible root causes for failure, the following scenarios are likely culprits for a cooling system to run too cool: A temperature sensor that's reporting lower-than-actual temperatures due to issues like drift/fouling/calibration. A sticking thermostat that is flowing more coolant than necessary to maintain 176 °F. Really cold ambient air ...


As far as I can tell from the owner's manual, the 2012 Civic doesn't have a traditional temperature gauge. Instead, there is a light (a thermometer and an H) to indicate that the temperature is too high and the car is overheating (meaning you should pull over before you damage the engine), and another light (a thermometer and a C) to indicate that the ...


Check your coolant level and keep an eye on your temperature gauge. A car will run fine with an overheating engine right up to the point when the engine seizes.

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