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You have at least two options to find the leak. You can buy or rent a coolant system pressure tester. It is a small air pump that pressurizes the system to force coolant out of any weak (leak) points. The advantage to this method over just letting the engine idle is because the engine is cool you can reach your hand around the system without getting burnt. ...


Sounds at least plausible. There are two different types of stop leaks that I'm aware of. One is a silvery substance; the other has chunks of gunk suspended in some type of fluid. I've had success with both of them, but these will usually only work as a stop gap measure. The leak will usually reappear or a new leak will appear of the same nature as the ...


Electrolysis happens over time, and will not cause any damage over an 80 mile trip. People (wrongly) have used straight water in their radiator over the summer months thinking that's all they need and don't have issues until many years down the road. If you didn't worry about it and never changed it again, it would be an issue. Changing it out after an 80 ...


It's certainly not recommended, but I don't think it will ruin it, as long as you don't leave it in for too long... Flush the coolant system thoroughly to get rid of all traces of contaminants, and refill with proper coolant - it might be worth then doing another flush a few days later if you're worried.


Should you be concerned about this happening again? Yes. You haven't diagnosed or fixed the problem, so the chances of it going away with no further effort from you are very slim. Because the car does not overheat while driving, the thermostat is probably working just fine. The two scenarios which indicate a failed thermostat are Overheating very shortly ...


Buy a bottle of chemiweld, pour it into the radiator without the radiator cap. Let the motor heat up let it cool. Drive as normal flush radiator and heater etc. When the problem is solved. I know this is an old thread but for anyone new looking to solve the same problem this dude has had head gasket seepage .... water flowing into head and boiling cause ...


To answer anyone who runs across such an issue, the culprit of this cause was the (radiator/ coolant) hose that runs to the engine block. on the day car overheated, the end of the hose got burnt bad and sprung a leak. I got the hose replaced and no more leaks :)

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