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It's like asking why do certain countries drive on the left side of the road and other on the right side? kW is part of the SI system of units. Horsepower is a legacy from the imperial units system. kW stands for kilo-watt - a measure of power, or energy per unit time, named after the Scottish inventor, James Watt. hp is horsepower. Ironically, it was ...


Wikipedia has this nice table: PS hp kW 1 PS = 1 0.98632 0.735499 1 hp = 1.01387 1 0.74570 1 kW = 1.35962 1.34102 1 Finally, this are all different measures of power. PS an hp are both a measure of the power of a horse, though it's obviously not clear how to ...


They are just different units of measurement, kW is metric which is widely adopted in Europe so that is probably why they choose to publish their numbers in this unit. 1 kW is about 1.34 hp, the inverse relation gives 1hp as about 0.75 kW.

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