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VTEC - Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control VTEC requires the ability to understand the state of the environment and motor in order to change the valve timing. Various sensors from oxygen, engine rpm, barometric pressure, engine temperature, air temperature, oil pressure, throttle position effect the the various timing events of a VTEC engine. ...


Yes you will need a compatible ECU for your new engine. The ECU reads multiple signals from your engine and will change your camshafts timing accordingly. When your engine gets high rpm, your valve timings should be adapted to get the VTEC boost.


You'll need about 40 HP @ 3600 rpm at a minimum in order to run it. Here is my math (please correct me if I'm wrong): 35 HP @ 540 rpm = 340.41 ft lbs (convert HP to Torque) 340.41 / 6 = 56.735 ft lbs (6:1 gear reduction) 56.735 @ 3600 rpm = 38.89 HP (minimum size of engine if actually running at 3600rpm) You'll need to look at the spec of any engine to ...


I also have a Ballade 150i Vti motor and also want to do something about the motor I did some research and found out that the quick way of gaining power is to add a turbo to the motor. I question was that will my motor be damaged easily. I discovered that I Make 67 kw on the wheel at the moment but if I put a T3/T4 turbo on the motor and Software, I will ...

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