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Your most expensive problem is that a V-tec motor is designed to operate at higher RPM's than your motor can handle. This would mean that you'd have to get stronger pistons and connecting rods (or conrods as they're referred to). You'd also need to upgrade your valve springs to cope with the higher RPM and you might also have to get a new camshaft. All in ...


You'll need about 40 HP @ 3600 rpm at a minimum in order to run it. Here is my math (please correct me if I'm wrong): 35 HP @ 540 rpm = 340.41 ft lbs (convert HP to Torque) 340.41 / 6 = 56.735 ft lbs (6:1 gear reduction) 56.735 @ 3600 rpm = 38.89 HP (minimum size of engine if actually running at 3600rpm) You'll need to look at the spec of any engine to ...

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