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Yes in theory it could be done. But getting the mechanical components to work would be difficult and probably result in an awkward and bulky addition to your car. I suspect the end result would be an expensive and unreliable disappointment. It would probably be easier to change the entire gearbox for automatic or a sequential box than try and adapt a ...


Yes, the wheel speed sensors can detect if the vehicle (or at least the specific wheel the sensor is tied to) is moving. On most vehicles you should be able to tie directly into the wheel speed sensor and detect the signal, while not causing any issues with the vehicle itself while in normal operation. The sensor itself is a standard sine wave orientation. ...


A data logger will record all or most of your 'sensors' for you to examine at leisure. For a vehicle with a standard sixteen pin DLC, something like the Launch CRecorder or similar, but check for compatability to your vehciles.

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