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One pump; one pump only. Which test we perform determines the procedure used. Three procedures are described and each test has a different purpose. But keep in mind when the engine is running it only gets one pump per cycle. Running compression test: A decent way to estimate volumetric efficiency (VE). This is not technically a compression test. Install ...


From the looks of it, you're going about your compression test incorrectly. You should rotate the engine, using the starter, for the same number of revolutions with each cylinder. This will give you a truer tale of what's going on. Usually 4-5 revolutions gets the job done. The reason you want the same amount of revolutions for each cylinder is so the tests ...


Not sure why you have so many numbers. You should just keep cranking the engine until you get a steady reading on the compression gauge. From the numbers you have, it looks like No3 could be a little low due to piston ring wear, since it seems to improve the most in the wet test, but it doesn't seem too bad.

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