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Yes it can. The reason is, these are two different tests, done differently, reading different things. To understand this, you need to understand how the tool works for each test. For the compression test, the test apparatus captures and holds the compression as it builds through several, but counted revolutions of the crankshaft. You will get so much ...


Rings generally wear at the same rate meaning that when it's time to replace one you should be replacing them all as they're not seating with the cylinder properly any more. Burning oil does not always imply a loss of compression. Cars with good rings will burn oil due to bad valve guides or bad valve guide seals. A compression test should help you ...


As far as I'm aware, it cannot be done. Vacuum is a direct relation to valve lift and timing, does not relate to compression ratio. The vacuum is drawn during the intake stroke. In a 4-stroke (cycle) engine, the intake and compression events are completely separate.


If you don't get heat into your cabin, it's usually because of a blocked radiator. That would explain your overheating too. Unfortunately, that ALSO means that you could have damaged your head gasket, which would explain the low compression and difficulty starting. They don't sound particularly shady to me. Given your history and your current problem with ...

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