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First... find another garage. White smoke and low compression are NOT symptoms of a bent connecting rod. Also, you CANNOT inspect the connecting rods by removing the head - they're on the opposite (bottom) ends of the pistons. White smoke and low compression are both symptoms of a blown head gasket. That's very classic. It doesn't sound like it's very bad, ...


If the specs call for 91 octane, use 91 octane. Using higher octane fuel will not give you better performance. Only engines which need the higher octane will see better performance from the higher octane. In most cases, engines which should use the lower octane will get worse gas mileage from the higher octane fuel.


If you don't get heat into your cabin, it's usually because of a blocked radiator. That would explain your overheating too. Unfortunately, that ALSO means that you could have damaged your head gasket, which would explain the low compression and difficulty starting. They don't sound particularly shady to me. Given your history and your current problem with ...

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