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have you checked the Throttle Position Sensor, MAS Air Flow Sensor, have you cleaned your Throttle Body Unit ?, have you checked & cleaned your EGR Valve,


It sounds like the RF receiver of the central locking system is faulty. It was not the problem with the Car Battery or the remote battery. Take it to the service station and get it repaired.


Turns out the problem was the key security system. Apparently the switched voltage reset the key security, which caused my key to not be recognized by the car. After getting the security reprogrammed to accept my key, the car works as usual.


You need to jump start your car. Pop the hood. You'll see something like this: Inside the green circle is the positive jump point. Connect the red jumper cable clamp there first. Find an unpainted ground spot and attach your negative clamp there. Once connected to the donor car, you'll have power to do what you need ... either start the car, or pop the ...

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