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Three things I can think of: Do you have another key to try? May just not like the key you are trying. Is the steering wheel cocked at all, where there may be causing pressure on the key lock? Try giggling the steering column as you are trying to turn the key (assume you might have tried this, but don't know). Your locking mechanism may be frozen. You ...


Did you buy this car brand new? It is possible that someone traded it in and did a hack job putting the speakers back in. A previous owner could've potentially had an after-market stereo. I assume your stereo is factory?


In addition to Paulster2's suggestions, try jiggling the shifter (shaft and button). Also, there is a recall for the ignition lock cylinder on your vehicle that has been all over the news. The fix for that may solve your problem. Check your battery (it's in the trunk), too. The interior lights coming on don't mean it's 100%. There is a button in a ...


The code P0420 is "Catalyst Efficiency below threshhold" First check the exhaust gases on a emissions gas tester. If the CO2 and CO together are less than around 14.5% with the engine in good condition, no faults- then you are looking at a defective cat.


If the O2 sensor is replaced then the code could also be caused by a bad engine coolant temp sens. (Don't ask me how, fun thing about Cobalts). Before you buy that, also look for manifold and exhaust leaks.


If the connections to the speaker are ok then you may have dirt in the cones. I had a speaker stop working because of that. As soon as I started looking at it carefully there was a ball of dirt that stopped the cone from moving at all. Once I cleaned it up it worked again like new. Since you say that the speakers will work if you jiggle them I imagine it's ...

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