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Actually, the wires that you have are thus: Big fat gnarly wire is the main power wire, as you surmised. It comes directly from the battery. It provides power to the solenoid, not to the starter though (well, ultimately it gets to the starter ... I'll explain). There are two parts to the starter (in most vehicles). The larger part which actually attaches to ...


There appears to be a similar case on the Cobalt forum, where compression test figures are reported to be around 220 psi, roughly double what you're reporting. If this is the case for your vehicle, it would seem that the problem is related to a lack of compression and not fuel, air or spark.


You need to jump start your car. Pop the hood. You'll see something like this: Inside the green circle is the positive jump point. Connect the red jumper cable clamp there first. Find an unpainted ground spot and attach your negative clamp there. Once connected to the donor car, you'll have power to do what you need ... either start the car, or pop the ...


A common culprit for that error is the throttle by wire system. If the car senses that something is the matter with either the throttle body or the gas pedal it will reduce power. The best way to verify this is to have the codes pulled. You should see a code for the throttle body or the gas pedal.

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