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It won't really cause any additional wear on the clutch itself, but you'll be taxing the throwout bearing. It gets worked every time you push the pedal down to disengage the clutch. When you are in neutral, you still cause wear on this part. Doubly so if you are holding the clutch at any point in the travel to the point where the clutch itself is anywhere ...


Sounds like clutch is not disengaging, which is why you have trouble shifting into first gear. Also clutch must be slipping under load, the burning smell. Probably the clutch is shot, you need a new one.


The synchros will be forced to bear the brunt of downshifting like this The synchromesh gears are gears inside the manual transmission designed to help the engine transition smoothly to its new RPM. They will wear out eventually, but the wear and tear will be accelerated by downshifting without adding throttle to help the engine match its new speed. The ...

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