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Not a lot of information to go by. Did this happen suddenly? Gradually? It could be a misadjusted clutch pedal/master cylinder actuator rod. Try pulling up on the clutch pedal to see if it releases. If not, locate the clutch master cylinder under the hood, or the slave cylinder on the transmission bell housing and loosen the line at the master, or the ...


It sounds like a lubrication issue between the release bearing sleeve and the input shaft "snout". The sleeve that the release bearing is attached to is a metal to metal slip fit. I'm other words there is a smooth shaft that the release bearing assembly slides on. There is only a small amount of space between the two, just enough to allow for some grease for ...


My 2012 Ford Mondeo 1.6 sounded like a farm tractor when cold. 2 months later Ford said the replace the dual mass flywheel. 2 weeks later still the sound persists. Now at 29,000 miles the clutch and DMF had to be replace at a cost to me of £895.00 for non ford parts. Fords said noting they can do. Really fed up, won't drop persuing fords


There are two likely possibilities, and it could be both: Abuse As described in James' answer, with the right owner a clutch could be decimated with relatively low mileage. With mileage that low it would take some serious abuse to get there. Low Quality The clutch may have been built with low quality components. The Scion xA and xB of the mid 2000's used ...

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