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Upstream the throttle body A dirty intake by itself isn't the problem, but it is a sign of contamination of related components: MAF sensors don't take kindly to dirt This will usually lead to the fouling of the hot-wire(s), resulting in the underreading of air mass flow, which will lead to positive fuel trim correction. If the contamination is bad ...


Clean off the bulk of the grease with rags, then dump them in a bucket of solvent (gas, kerosene, parts cleaner, mineral spirits). Seafoam or brake cleaner also work, but they're more expensive. Let them sit for a bit, then pull them out, wipe them clean with another rag, re-grease and reassemble.


Try rubbing a stainless steel item around the spill sight. Stainless steel has inert properties that take smells away. I use spoons.. Also note you may have to pull back the carpet as it was a spilt fluid. There may still be remains of it under the carpet on the floorboards..

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