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I discovered the following during research after I posted the question. Searching online against "Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard" returns many very specific results, including videos. There are many reports of Toyota Camry vehicles (standard, hybrid, and other variants) from the 2007-2009 year range producing a sticky dashboard, which eventually transforms ...


If you want it to look nice/new/fresh/exciting, you will not be able to get it this way without removing the wheel. There is just no way of completely cleaning/coating the caliper without removing the wheel. Your best bet to get them cleaned up is to: Remove the wheel Pull the caliper from it's mount Remove the pads (keeping them in positional order for ...


Your local tyre shop will have a supply of 'buffing' fluid which they use to clean a tyre prior to puncture repairs. It will remove the treatment on your steering wheel, and as it is aromatic will dry completely.

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