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It could be an electrical problem. I used to have a similar problem with a 1993 Honda Prelude. The car wouldn't start after a short journey especially on hot days. I had my mechanic look at it, but they never found anything wrong with it because the problem would never occur while they had the car. Sometimes I would drive the car to the petrol station fill ...


If your 2006 Civic is anything like mine, there is a section in your owner's manual entitled "Towing a trailer" which should answer your first question. In mine it says to use D on level roads and D3 in hilly terrain. It would be wise to read that section carefully and completely as it contains many essential safety instructions. In particular, in mine ...


I made a mistake as I double checked the operation of the vents and it turns out the middle vents do turn off when they're supposed to. I was under the impression the outter vents would turn off as well but they don't as they're tied directly to the mini-vents that point towards the driver or passenger window. I just closed the outer vents to direct more ...


The vents are operated by cables which are connected to the lever controls behind the dash. They can become dis-connected at thier ends. A simple refit of the cable(s) may be all is required.

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