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A few items always need to be checked Both positive and negative wires connection to the battery, engine and starter Starter relay, normally under glove compartment Water thermostat sensor ground connection The starter's brushes.


I am assuming that you only had a gauge on the low side. When you unplugged the jumper, the pressure from the high pressure side was able to flow back over to the low side. This caused your pressure spike. Were either of the lines cold between the compressor or firewall? What were the pressures at when it was running? These would be clues that could help ...


I would have assumed that this was an overdrive unit engaging and disengaging, but I found a 1998 Civic manual online, and it confirms the above answer: "Your Honda's transmission has four forward speeds, and is electronically controlled for smoother shifting. It also has a "lock-up" torque converter for better fuel economy. You may feel what seems like ...


The transmission has a lock up torque converter. The torque converter sits between the engine and transmission. It is kind of like a clutch on a manual transmission car. When the engine is idle, it is barely engaged, so the engine will not stall. It will engage harder and until a certain RPM. Torque converters will always have some slip in them until ...


If your car has a vibration sensor, you can typically set the sensitivity. You can test this by bumping into your car or trying to rock it a bit.


Although I doubt it's relevant, I had the engine replaced two days ago. That may well be relevant. On many cars that hood would need to be removed to replace the engine and it is quite possible that this would effect the adjustment of the hood switch. If this is new behavior – if you had no or few false alarms like this before replacing the engine – it ...


That part is the "lower engine cover assembly": Honda part number 74110-TR3-A20. The insert plates there are also available separately, the large part only seems to come as a full assembly: Lower front engine cover P/N 74114-TR0-A00 (not in your picture, it's the more angular insert) Lower rear engine cover P/N 74115-TR3-A20 (the rounded metal insert ...


I would not use a fungicide as harsh as bleach as it could damage the internal ventilation systems behind your dash. You can use a more specific cleaner which is sold commonly in autoparts stores. It is usually called "A/C duct cleaner".

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