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It sounds like your losing battery voltage I would make sure the battery is tested and fully charged then make sure you have good battery connections at the battery. If unsure just remove both battery terminals at battery and give them a good cleaning If the car has an aftermarket alarm installed check those connections they are spliced into the ignition ...


I've had a 94 del sol or civic esi some time back and had all sorts of diagnostics done to no avail. Radiator replacements, coolant tried em all. Eventually it all came down to that dreaded day that i have found a milky dipstick due to a a bad cylinder head gasket. Your case is a an early sign that compression is leaking into your cooling system. Car can ...


When you have the key turned, is that rattling noise the same as when the car was working? You should hear the rumble of the engine firing. Try giving it some gas while turning the ignition. If the cylinders are firing, giving it gas should make it rumble louder and might help it start in cold weather. If you can only hear the high rattle or whizzing ...


There's a service bulletin for replacing the thermostat should be covered under warranty


Check for a bad ground...that solved my mistery overheating


As far as I can tell from the owner's manual, the 2012 Civic doesn't have a traditional temperature gauge. Instead, there is a light (a thermometer and an H) to indicate that the temperature is too high and the car is overheating (meaning you should pull over before you damage the engine), and another light (a thermometer and a C) to indicate that the ...


Check your coolant level and keep an eye on your temperature gauge. A car will run fine with an overheating engine right up to the point when the engine seizes.

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