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Here's some quick art work to help you figure things out: The red circled area is where the negative terminal is at. Specifically the green arrow is pointing at it. You should be able to loosen the nut at the red arrow to gain access to the post to get the clamp off of it. As for what you can touch and what you cannot, this really isn't a problem, as ...


Most control arm bushings require some type of mechanical or hydraulic press to install then in to the control arm. If you don't have access to a press you will have to pay someone to do it. This requires you to remove the arm and bring it somewhere. The cost in labor is likely going raise the cost to higher than the price of the arm with the bushing ...


could it be the oil cooler inside the radiator leaking


There are 3 Possible Reasons as to why your car is not starting. First and foremost, Check if the ignition coil is working.If not then replace it. If you are sure that your battery is charged and ignition system is working then check if you have blown any of the fuses in the electrical system. A blown fuse will cause your lights , horns not to work. Check ...


@Paulster2 was on the right track. It was an electrical issue. The back-plane of the engine-mounted fuse box was melted. This is also why testing the electronics didn't do any good because the physical assembly the electronics plugged into was damaged.


This happened to me as well with my ek...ON BOTH SIDES... I spent 6 hours grinding, drilling and cutting before I got the bolt and the round tap nut off the first time, the second only took 2 hours since I knew what I was doing from Before,then I just replaced them with a new nut and bolt, just make sure they're the right size or they'll back themselves out ...

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