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I would think the alternator is the culprit, You can take your car down to an Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly, Autozone (or the like) where they will test it for free. They can also check your battery, which may be the culprit, but I doubt it. It sounds like the internal regulator is going out (or you might have lost one or more diodes) on the alternator. ...


I use a regulated solar panel connected to battery via alligator clips (battery cables disconnected) rather than cig. lighter plug where wiring could be suspect.Advantage is you can lock car in garage and affix panel outside.No theft concerns or fading paint


My 2000 Cr-v was doing the same thing. I ran fuel injector cleaner through it and have not had an issue. (I ran a lot through it. Only had about a half tank of gas and ran a whole bottle, that treats up to 35 gallons)


This is absolutely the right way to go! I'm not sure about the model, I'm just talking about a battery tender in general. A lot of people who own performance vehicles or recreational vehicles (RV's) here in the States will put one on their vehicle over the winter if it is a summer only driver. The tender will do exactly what you want. It keeps the battery ...


I added a Honda(tm) OEM block heater to my 2009 Civic Hybrid. I was living in Kansas at the time and pre-heating the engine seemed to help with mileage an time until heat available on very cold mornings. On the 2009 HCH there is a plug screwed into the back of the block just below the head, on the passenger side. unscrew the plu and replace with the ...

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