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I posted this on Reddit, too and someone suggested just pulling the key out with pliers. I did and now the key goes in and out just fine! Who would've thought?


It sounds like your shifter may not be seating into park correctly. You may want to try moving it back and forth from gear into park (occasionally, with a slight amount of force; you don't want to break anything). Verify that the key is not in the accessory position, and each time you switch to park, try to remove the key. I've also seen the key release ...


I was trying to find a picture for you but to no avail. The best thing that I can recommend is have someone turn the mode switch back and forth while you crawl around under the dash and listen for which motor is making noise. This will be external to the heater box. Once you locate the mode control motor, remove it. The motor will have a male shaft ...


Things to check: Is the engine fan running slowly at idle? If so, its a sign that it needs replacement. Is there a funny smell in the cabin? Refrigerant tends to slowly leak and has a weird smell. Have a friend smell the cabin air in case you got used to the smell (due to driving it all the time). For more and better help we will need a bit more info.

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