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Take it to a tire place and let them ask you questions. There's not enough info here to answer. It could be tires out of balance, steering dampener issues, loose linkages, etc. This one cannot be diagnosed online probably, but the most likely thing on a car that new is that your wheels are out of balance - a cheap and easy thing for a tire place to ...


I'm no mechanic, but in my personal experience vibrations of the wheel are typically caused by uneven/scarred rotors.


change thermostat that will fix problem. our 2007 impala had no heat @ idle before replacing


A quick check showed that the factory 350 with a carb was rated at 175 HP, 210 if it had TBI (throttle body injection) the 190 HP crate motor should be enough. As a plus the crate motor will have a cam with a more modern design resulting in a better running engine. While 190 HP will be enough, you have to remember that mid 80's trucks were not intended to ...

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