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I would use epoxy primer to start. You can then spray paintable undercoat on your frame, underbody. They come in various forms as depicted in the image below. You may also use a rocker guard type product as shown. To my personal taste, I would seal with epoxy primer, rubberized undercoat, and then oil undercoating to protect even further. Application ...


First drive a bit and measure the temperature of the wheels with a gauge or even by touch. Whichever are hotter, that side is jamming. Then based on that, remove the wheel, and remove the caliper. Typical caliper consists of 2 pins that it moves on and one piston that pushes against the inner pad. The pins is what you are after. They should be easily ...


A 3 wire CKP sensor would produce a 5v square wave. A 2 wire CKP sensor produces a AC sine wave. Even if you managed to wire the 2 wire sensor to the 3 wire harness the car wouldn't start. You would have to swap the tone wheel if they're different.

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