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I'm not sure that the valve you have pictured is the PCV valve. A PCV valve traditionally is a connection between the intake manifold and the crank case. The line pictured, from the crank case to the air filter, is most likely a fresh air intake or breather line. But i think your on the right track to look for the PCV valve. A poorly working PCV system can ...


I believe there are two circuits which can run the vehicle: one when starting; one when running. IIRC, the starting circuit provides full voltage to the coil which gives a bit more juice for extra power when starting. As soon as you allow the key to go back from start to run, this circuit is disconnected. This leaves the run circuit. If you don't have power ...


The problem is probably your Wiper Motor Pulse Board Module (ACDELCO pn 12367295). This will control the behavior of your wipers. If any of the board has corrosion or a bad part on it, weird things can happen. If you just replaced the wiper motor, this should have been included with it. It may be that you got a bad one.

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