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That sounds very much (no, it sounds exactly) like either of two things: either the brake fluid in the master cylinder is very low, or the master cylinder has failed. If anything else were the cause (caliper or wheel cylinder failure, line leakage), then you'd find brake fluid either on the ground or on the inboard surface of one of your tires.


This is a common issue. Sometimes the door actuator needs to be reset, as it gets confused. When I had this problem in my Avalanche, I found that turning the temperature all the way to the 90 degree max setting (when set to equal cooling for both sides), waiting a few seconds for the door to stop moving, and then turning the temp back down, would resolve the ...


There are a few things you can do: 1st, change the rear end gears. Your car may have 3.08:1 rear end gears (RPO Code: GU4) in it. If so, you can easily find some 2.73:1 gears (or complete rear end) for cheap. This will effectively lower the engine speed while in transit down the highway by around 12%. This will have a side effect of giving you a little less ...

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