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As Barbecue says, it's almost certainly a stuck brake, either the parking brake or the service brake (i.e. the footbrake). If you jack the car up (having chocked the front wheels first!), you'll probably find the wheel is very hard to turn by hand (compare it with the one on the other side, which should turn freely). If it is the parking brake (most ...


At the HVAC Control Switch: full vacuum measured at source hose able to manually operate all three actuators using a vacuum pump hissing sound from a vacuum leak Using a stethoscope, I narrowed the leak down to inside the switch itself, which was only just replaced a couple months ago. It's being replaced under warranty.


A common culprit for that error is the throttle by wire system. If the car senses that something is the matter with either the throttle body or the gas pedal it will reduce power. The best way to verify this is to have the codes pulled. You should see a code for the throttle body or the gas pedal.


As you've stated this is a hub assembly, so we know there isn't any 'user error' in how the bearings are pre-loaded or the grease is packed. You've also stated there is 'substantial play' in the bearing, which certainly is not normal for a pressed bearing hub assembly. As Paulster2 suggested this may be a production run issue, which is rare but possible. ...

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