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I think the problem is your original transmission was having a synchro issue at the 5th gear, which migrated to the 3rd gear synchro. When I say "migrated" I mean that it too is worn out, not that there is an "infection which is spreading". I would venture to assume your new-to-you transmission suffers from the same fate. If you bought the transmission new ...


Could this really be a manufacturing defect? Could this be a defect in the part which was put on your car? Possibly, but not probable. When cars are put together they are put through a lot of different tests to ensure parts are put on correctly and are done correctly. Union people tend to take pride in their work ... at least lately they seem to be. I ...


It turned out that my lug nuts came loose and the wheel wobbling back and forth sounded like a bad wheel bearing. I know I tightened everything up when I was done. It's possible that the wheel or the rotor wasn't seeded correctly though and loosened up once I started driving. It should have been the first thing that I checked.


There are a few things you can do: 1st, change the rear end gears. Your car may have 3.08:1 rear end gears (RPO Code: GU4) in it. If so, you can easily find some 2.73:1 gears (or complete rear end) for cheap. This will effectively lower the engine speed while in transit down the highway by around 12%. This will have a side effect of giving you a little less ...

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