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There is know way to know how the software was programmed for any given car, from that I know most systems will not do a fuel tank integrity vacuum check when the tank is either past 3/4 or below 1/4, so filling the tank will extend the time before it re-runs the test and turns off the CEL if the test passes. The test will only run when the tank is between ...


Anything to do with FUEL, especially if the smell is strong should be dealt with immediately. I would suggest to just bring the car to the dealership and let them run a diagnostic on the car. Then you will know for sure if the problem is a easy fix or something worse.


The fact that you can smell fuel in the exhaust is a strong indication that the engine is running rich. This means that there is more fuel than required by the engine. There are many things which could cause this and the sensible course of action would involve hooking the engine computer to a scan tool to retrieve data about fuel trims, and O2 sensor ...


Sounds like a possible evaporative system issue involving the purge valves that vent fuel vapor from the gas tank. If the OBDII -on board diagnostic code that triggers the check engine light is P0440 then that is the issue. If the purge valve remains open for too long it will eventually damage the catalytic converters by sending too much unburnt fuel ...

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