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Oil fouled. Had same problem so ran a step hotter plug in cylinder one and no more issues yet for 350 miles


If the photograph attached is an actual photograph of your car then the OBD port appears to be in two pieces. The blue connector on the right of the photograph should be clipped into the main piece along with the other one already in place on the left. With only half a loom connected, you are unlikely to see any OBD codes although I believe surprisingly ...


Buy your own reader. Look at the ELM327 bluetooth reader. It's about $20. If your check engine light is on the car had a code. To be honest, this sounds like a case of a human error. Luckily, Eric the Car Guy has a video about pulling Honda codes without a scanner. Watch the video and make sure you are doing it correctly: ...


CEL means engine is not burning properly and it could mean a dozen things. Even without OBD code, you could still solve the mystery by observing the symptoms. Normally symptom is more pronouced at idle. It looks like you might have to do without the help of OBD II. Gather more symptoms.

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