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You may have already fixed your problem You may need to clear the codes for the Check Engine Light to go away. It may be that the sensor is clean but the check engine light is being shown because it's retained in the computer's memory. Once the codes are cleared, see if the CEL stays off or if it returns. If the issue returns P0171 is saying that the ...


What I tried? I have recently (today) tested OBD II on my Maruti Suzuki WagonR made in mid 2013. I'm using some cheap quality Bluetooth BT connector (borrowed from friend) with Free version of Torque (OBD scanner/reader Android app). Live readings while driving car were good. Pretty much valid. No issues so far. I plugout the connector while leaving car as ...


There appears to be a similar case on the Cobalt forum, where compression test figures are reported to be around 220 psi, roughly double what you're reporting. If this is the case for your vehicle, it would seem that the problem is related to a lack of compression and not fuel, air or spark.

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