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It could be anything. The best diagnostic tool you can use when a light comes on is an OBD (II) scan tool. It's a waste of time to look the car over at this point. You'll spend hours chasing ghosts without the scanner.


It could be that you are cornering so hard that you're pushing the oil in the sump to one side, away from the pickup pipe. This temporarily means you're oil pump is sucking up air and you are starving your engine of oil. Competition cars are equipped with with baffled sumps or dry sump systems to prevent this happening. In a standard road car, this type ...


The controller is called the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). On this model it will be located near the glove box. It is made by Denso Corp. These units and the software that control the system are proprietary and tampering with any of the components or parts or software is against the law in most countries. In the US tampering with any part of the system is ...

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