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After replacing the speed sensor and the fuel level sensor and resetting the codes. A new code came up U1001 (CAN communication) in addition to the other codes. I tracked the problem back to the instrument cluster where the fuel level sensor and the speed sensor signals travel through to the ECU. Replaced the instrument cluster with one from a junk yard, ...


The secondry air pump and system is provided on your vehicle to 'lean out' the exhaust in the cat, until the cat is hot enough to operate correctly. This usually lasts for only a couple of minutes on start-up and then the SAP is turned off.


The secondary air injection system is part of the emissions control system. Under certain operating conditions, the secondary air pump runs to bring fresh air into the exhaust system. It supports the proper function of the catalytic converter by making sure there's enough oxygen in the exhaust gas. Will it hurt anything to drive the car? It could ...

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