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These are the exact jets and shims that you will need for your 1984 Honda Gold Wing GL1200 four Main jets size 118 four Pilot jets size 38 and 8 shims for each Slide Needle, 2 shims per needle You will also need to the following 1 D-Adjuster for fuel screw adjustment Legend D-Adjuster for air/fuel on idle circuit Pilot Jet Main Jet


As you doubted the trouble was with the float. I would like you to remove the bottom cup of the carburettor and remove the fuel and gently blow some air to the float and to the jet. Make sure not to disturb the Air or Fuel Screw. If you disturb it, it will be the difficult task to tune it back to normal by you. Now gently tap the float and make it free. ...


Sometimes A float gets "waterlogged" (so saturated with fuel that it just won't float anymore.) The float could be bent in position. Worn tip on float needle Worn o-ring in the float seat Excess dirt and varnish in the carburetor. (Varnish deposits occur when fuel sits too long..) The best thing to do is remove and examine the carburetor. Take it ...


Your experiencing fouled plugs. Fouled plugs have carbon buildup that grounds the electrode of the spark plugs over the ceramic with carbon. The carbon buildup occurs because the AFR (Air Fuel Ration) is too rich. This makes the combustion process, when you fuel is burned, too cool. Since combustion is too cool carbon buildup occurs on your sparkplug and ...

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