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Here is the part number for your carb. This is for an OEM Yamaha carb. 3HN-14101-00-00


More than likely what the problem is, your float in the fuel bowl is shot. When the float is shot (ie: doesn't float correctly in the fuel), too much fuel is let into the carburetor and causes the exact issues you are talking about. You may be able to get a new float and needle valve (very likely), but you may just be better off buying a new carburetor. ...


Depending on the make/model/engine, you might be able to find a newer version of the engine that already had EFI installed. If this is the case, you can search local junkyards and ebay to find a wiring harness, ECU, sensors, intake and exhaust manifolds.


Converting Carb to EFI is possible , it can be a DIY if you know what you are doing. You can start by looking for the below basic things to get a rough idea of the work you are going to do. Fuel Injectors Throttle Body An ECU All of the sensors(MAP,O2 etc) New Ignition system(Recommended not mandatory) Fuel Pump Fuel Pressure regulator A whole lot of ...


Depending on the application, there are lots of options for changing over to EFI from carburetor. Your best bet, especially if you're not a professional, is to find a system which is plug-n-play. Trying to find one which is compatible by retrofitting it from another vehicle would not only prove difficult, but would be very frustrating when it comes time to ...

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