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Peter's on it, all the way across the board. If all those checks test out, then check for a sticky valve on that one cylinder. In fact, adjust valve lash on all cylinders. Then check compression.


Your description is making me question your diagnosis so far, in terms of is it one cylinder affected or all. Because a GSXR should be able to run (badly) on 3 cylinders, and cleaning the fuel cap shouldn't make a difference to just one cylinder. From your description i'd start by replacing the fuel and ensuring it flows freely to the carburettors. (is it ...


This is a carburetor issue, most likely caused by ethanol gas. Ethanol laced gas reeks havoc upon small engines. The easiest fix for it is to purchase a new carburetor for it, due to paying the price for a replacement carb outweighs the cost in time and frustration which will be brought upon you trying to rebuild it. I have tried to rebuild small engine ...

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