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Actually you could very well be correct. The passage you are pointing out with the missing is an air passage which acts as a pressure reference. The diaphragm (last picture) is actually the accelerator pump. As the butterfly opens, more air is sucked in, causing a high pressure point at the top of the venturi (picture marked as: The other end of the path ...


More than likely the problem will be solved with a new carburetor. Ethanol gas can plug ports and/or cause float issues. What you are describing is your fuel bowl filling up when sitting still, then you run it but the feed provides enough fuel to not keep it completely filled (or filled to where it's supposed to be). So after a few minutes of running, it ...


Your Carburettor might be clogged. Clean it along with the air filter and you should be good to go. Also check if your "choke" chord is not faulty since it will tend to send a rich mixture to the engine which will stall it at low RPM and you get that "Missing" feeling but more importantly your fuel efficiency is affected.

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