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I have a 2000 Toyota Camry, and if I'm not mistaken the drivers window control setup is very much the same as on your car. Some things you can rule out: It's not the window or the wiring to the window because the old switch still works. It's not just the aftermarket part because the new OEM part does it too. Here is something you can try. The ...


It could be crank sensor is failing- test and replace fuel filter clogged- replace it fuel pump- test and replace There are many possibilities though. Intermittent die outs can very difficult to diagnose by anyone.


"Do these panels have any functional purpose? Or are they just protecting the bottom of the car from water, dirt and rocks? " That is a functional purpose :-) They come loose all the time on older cars due to the plastic push fasteners failing and falling out, that and techs that damage them when removing the cover for service and do not replace them with ...


The shields have multiple purposes. What you stated about rocks and debris is very true. They do protect the engine bay from stuff getting kicked up into it. Another thing they are designed to do is to allow proper cooling and airflow. On some vehicles, without these in place, the engine can overheat due to the air not flowing through the right parts of ...

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