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A common way to run cabling from the back of the car to the front is tucking it under the floor carpet near an edge, where passengers' feet don't frequently stomp. For example you could route it along an edge next to the door, then through the B-pillar or A-pillar, around the windshield and to the rear view mirror.


GoPro has a multicamera configuration where you can align the time and merge all of the feeds into a multi screen single interface feed. They store the video centrally in a wifi enabled storage device using 802.11g Most of the commercial solutions are cost prohibitive.


A better way to handle this is to pull direct power from a fuse (or direct battery power with inline fuse or fusible link) and run it through a relay. Connect a power lead from the reverse lights to power the relay. When the lights come on, the reverse camera will be powered by battery power. The relay draws very little power and should not cause your ...


Ok, so here is what was causing my screen to flicker. I took out my rear lights where I have connected the camera and saw that the reverse light was blown. I measured the the + and - leads and without any light bulb inserted into the reverse light slot, the + and - had something between 1 and 4 volts, multimeter is inaccurate by +- 2volts. This is of course ...

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