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Check the rpms on it when on idle , it sounds like could be loosing power, could be spark plugs, or your ac compressor might be defective and applies a hold down on the engine and causes week air into brake booster n so when u apply brakes+ steer+ ac rpms drop


The only reason it feels more natural to you is because that is the way you do it. It was beat into me from Driver's Education never use your left foot to brake. To me it feels natural to not brake with my left foot. There is a great article I just read about using your left foot to brake from a driving instructor. In the article he basically says things I ...


I used to do the same thing until I heard that most people (99%+) when encountering a panic situation will press both feet to the floor, resulting in full throttle and full brakes. This will, of course, decrease the effectiveness of the brakes and cause considerable stress on the transmission. I switched.


The torque converter in a "standard" automatic transmission does the job of a clutch, and it doesn't really wear out in the same way as a clutch does - a clutch is two dry pieces of material holding each other through friction (kind of like 2 sheets of sandpaper pressed against each other), and each time the clutch is slipped those surfaces rub against each ...


Your instructor properly objected because the clutch/engine and the brakes do opposite things: the former adds energy to the car (speeding it up) and the latter removes energy (slowing it down). If you use both at the same time, then you're just pumping energy from the engine into the brake pads, to no good end. If at the same time you're feathering the ...


It very much depends on the type of car you have but most paddle shift cars employ an automatic gearbox so are effectively clutchless (relying instead on a torque converter). Some systems employ a robotically operated manual gearbox with clutch (or two clutches on systems such as Volkswagens' DSG). However, the situation you are talking about; slowing down ...

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