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Engine braking doesn't cause more wear on the engine if it's done properly. You should never downshift to a gear that is incorrect for the current speed. It varies significantly on each car. If you want to save more fuel, combine coasting on neutral and engine braking when approaching each stop and anticipate in time. Release clutch smoothly when ...


The information & links posted by Paulster2 offer excellent explanation of what the various types of brake fluid are. There are a few grade : DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 DOT5.1 The difference between them is a specificed standard regarding the boiling temperature, which rises as the DOT number rises, and amount of water absorption. There are based on two ...


I found this description of synthetic based brake fluids. According to the page, all brake fluids are technically "synthetic" in that they are man made and do not contain a petroleum base. "Synthetic" brake fluid, as we think of it, has a silicon base. Non-synthetic brake fluid (normal brake fluid) is glycol based. There are trade offs to each type. Silicon ...


does it feel like an abs pulsation?? but much more light? sometimes a bad wheel sensor can cause the abs to pulsate during braking. most likely it is a rotor that is slightly out of round that is much exagerated at high speeds. i would check all wheel sensor readings with a diagnostic tool if the rotors are not out of round and with in spec.

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