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My first thought would be the motor mounts. They isolate the vibration of engine from the frame.


DOT 5 is silicone based and is no way compatible. Dot 5.1 is sort of OK but not recommended to mix with 3 and 4. To use Dot 5, you MUST replace all rubbers, seals and flex brake lines as well as flush steel lines. How do I know ? I am running it in my muscle car.


Basically, you don't. The easiest way to get this off of there is to grab the little lead (metal) collet at the of the brake cable with either a pair of locking pliers (like Vise-Grips) with enough force to hold on it, but not enough force to deform it. Then just pull it off of the brake shoe arm. This can be done with regular pliers as well, it's just ...


Any brake fluid leak what-so-ever should be repaired immediately. Your master cylinder requires to be changed before driving the vehicle at all on the road. That is unequivical.


Just need to replace the master cylinder, the booster should be fine. The piston in the master cylinder is bad and is leaking against the booster. That's the only place for the fluid to come out.

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