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I would have a close look at the brake discs. If they've been over heated they may have warped. I had a bike with warped discs that got worse as you rode it. It wasn't noticeable when cold and when riding at low speed. As the discs heat up they warp more and push the brake pads out. It causes vibration through the brake lever. Is it safe? No. A ...


I'm not clear on what you mean by 'snappy' feeling. Do you mean there was a feedback coming from the brakes? Was it rhythmic, as in, a regular pulsing that increased or decreased based on speed? Or did it feel more random and unrelated to speed? You verified there is ample friction material on the brake pads? Did you inspect the brake lines? Follow the ...


Did you open the bleeders for any reason? Have you tried bleeding the brakes? Are you sure there's no tear in the caliper boot? If they worked fine before the brake job, it would have to be something that happened during the procedure. ABS sensor seems unlikely to be the cause of your problem. Most likely air in the brake lines.


It turns out that the brake pads were improperly installed. Furthermore, the problem seemed to occur far more often when the breaks were wet. I;m not sure if that caused the pads to "slip" more or what.


Did you just try to pump the brakes up several times? When you compress the caliper, this leaves a gap between the brake pads and the rotor. If it didn't, it would be very hard to get the new pads/caliper back onto the rotor. So, when you first get behind the wheel, you need to pump the brakes several times to get the caliper piston to the point it is ...

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