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I had the same symptoms. I fixed it by rotating the front wheel freely by hand and cleaning the brake pads with a jet of water.


The huge size is not limited to carbon ceramic, that's just an attribute of most high performance cars' rotors. Carbon ceramic brakes are more expensive because the exotic compound does a much better job of dissipating heat than traditional steel rotors. Because they are able to dissipate heat faster, they do not get "soft" as quickly as other brakes. Soft ...


This is exactly how I wound up owning the cheapest angle grinder I could find, except it was a Mondeo. In my case, the inside of the disc had rusted enough that it was wrapping around the back of the hub, I could belt it with a mallet to the point that the whole car was shaking but it wouldn't budge. I made 2 radial cuts in the disc on opposite sides, ...


I discovered a method purely by accident not long ago. It only works on a driven wheel and you need to be very careful when using this method. Jack the car up and support if firmly on axle stands. If the car has a locking or limited slip differential you'll need all driven wheels off the ground. Remove the road wheel from the brake disc you wish to ...

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