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A late response on this. In the end. I picked up some PB Blaster from a local store and re-attached the rotor puller to what was left of the rotor. I got the rotor to the point where it was pulling on the edges and then soaked all the seams with PB blaster and let it sit over night. The next day I just slowly turned the bolt on the rotor puller. 1/2 turn on ...


does it feel like an abs pulsation?? but much more light? sometimes a bad wheel sensor can cause the abs to pulsate during braking. most likely it is a rotor that is slightly out of round that is much exagerated at high speeds. i would check all wheel sensor readings with a diagnostic tool if the rotors are not out of round and with in spec.


The pulsating can be rotors or unbalanced wheel lug torque, among other things. The various "grades" of rotors that NAPA, et al. sell are all going to be about the same. Same with the pads. Most of the "grading" is marketing gimmicks, although with pads there can be some pros/cons with each. Anyway, if they are still within spec after machining the rotors ...


One of the factors that influence the cost of replacement rotors is mass. Basically we are talking weight. Over the last couple of decades rotors have gotten cheaper and lighter. The rotor is lighter because it has less material. I buy the heaviest rotors I can get the specs on. This was actually part of a marketing campaign by NAPA several years ago. They ...


You really aren't going to "upgrade" to higher quality brake rotors, unless you spring for some carbon fiber ones, but those are pretty much for performance and race cars. For average every day use, you can buy the cheaper rotors and have no worries about them. They will last for as long as you need them. As for your question, considering the cost of new ...


This appears to be a dust shield (or sometimes called a backing plate) for the rotor on the disk brake system. It would cover the back side of the rotor. You would be able to see it if you got under the car and looked at the rotor from the back side. I'm not positive about this, though, as this piece is pretty mangled.


I have the same grinding noise on my Pontiac Bonneville. My brake pads and rotors were installed not long ago. I think in my case its my ceramic brake pads heating up the rotors creating a grinding noise. Once the rotors cool down they work fine, but if I brake hard at a high speed the grinding noise returns and will continue until they cool down. The ...

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