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Looking at your pictures, I don't think you need any filler. Just sand down and feather the areas, use a high build urethane primer to fill in any low spots, and paint. If you need a little filler (I highly doubt you will) icing works well for shallow scratches.


Can polishing compound ruin your car's paint? Yes. Is that a guarantee? Nope. The purpose of compound is to remove just enough paint that surface imperfections (scratches, swirls, holograms, oxidation) go away with the paint that is removed. The compound you linked to is specifically for hand application and as such is likely very aggressive. Thankfully it ...


I thought that this would protect my car paint from sun, dust, rain , etc., but it seems I should have applied wax rather than polishing compound. Unfortunately I should have read more before buying the product. Can anyone advice if applying a polishing compound can ruin my car paint? You're right, there's no point in polishing a new car, or a fresh coat ...


Yes, you did indeed apply an abrasive "compound". Polish materials come in coarse and finer grits just like sandpaper. To polish scratches left by a polish of a course grit finer grits are used to polish out the deeper scratches. The good news the clearcoat can, very likely, be restored to a normal smooth surface shine. You have two options: You can take ...

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