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They simply pop off. Gently pry them off, the spring holding it on the ball is internal. EDIT: (Adding some descriptive pics for Larry) Place a large flat tip screwdriver where the red arrow is at. In the image below, the green flat piece is the screwdriver. Place one side of it at the base of the post. Place the other at on the rod. Twist it as shown ...


I contacted the official Honda dealer in New Zealand. They confirmed that I need to replace the entire assembly, rather than just the arm alone. They are not the "pop out" variety. The cost is NZD305 EACH, rather expensive. I contacted a local mechanic who said the same thing: need to replace whole assembly. He got a second hand one for NZD92, plus NZD28 ...


If they really are 'stuck on': Using a Dremal or other mini disc cutter, cut into the ball section of the strut until it will pry off easily. A regular event for some vehicles. Do not lever too hard with the gas strut or you will bend the vehicles bodywork.

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