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In the end the roof member was good but I needed to replace the roof anyway. It took almost a month for a part-time worker and the costs were : 1200$ (USD) new roof 250$ paint job (roof and rear fenders) 800$ body works Effective worked hours were probably 50-60.


If it's your car, and if the car's still drivable, then bring it to another garage (or 2 or 3) for a quote in person. No headlights should be ok during daylight, and I think hand turn signals are still legal in CAN/US if your signals are broken, but you might want to phone & ask at a local motoring association (AMA/CAA, etc) to make sure, a ticket for ...


I think it would be very difficult to give a precise estimate over the Internet, without actually seeing the vehicle. You need to take a good look at the complete structure, not only the apparent bits but also underneath. Even if it does seem just such a bit of a superficial bang, modern vehicles are built with deformable structures that bend to absorb ...

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