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You need to use a flexible body filler specifically intended for polyurethane bumpers. It looks like the filler you used has detached from the substrate due to flexing (which could be solely due to temperature and not impact). The filler you used was for small dent repair on non-flexible metal panels. Also, I don't know how big of an area you filled but the ...


I know from experience that the doors like to rust after about 7 years if you're not careful. I don't know of anything else except the usual problems like cracking radiators, blown headgaskets and broken main bearings (usually under #3 piston). Other things that go wrong include the main oil seal and the clutch. If you have a VF39 STI turbo, it might crack ...


Yeah you can add a flex agent if you think that's the case or you can make sure it's sanded rough and then do like 3 or 4 layers of paint. You could also sand it down further, and cover it with fiberglass or epoxy resin, then sand that and paint it.

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