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On the pre-LCI (06-08, I believe) e90 3 series, the rings are illuminated by a bulb which is below the headlights. The rings have a beveled edge at the bottom where light shines into and illuminates them. The bulbs on these are annoying to replace, requiring removal of the fender liner to reach them. On yours, the post-LCI e90(or 1 or 2), they moved the ...


Going from very simple first principles, just try and eliminate possible causes: First, look at the bulb itself. Even partially removing it should let you see whether it lights. If not, swap the left and right bulbs - does the problem follow the bulb? If it does, replace the bulb. If it's not the bulb, it's something wrong with the ring itself - perhaps ...


A minute or so is usually fine Unless your riding in sub-freezing temperatures of course, then you'll want to let it warm up a bit, but if not. I wouldn't worry much about this. The LC version of your BMW boxer motor has considerably tighter tolerances than the air cooled version as it does not have the temp/heat variance as much as an air cooled engine ...


You have a nikasil coating on your cylinder walls You can't just bore, hone and assemble. You have to have a nikasil coating applied to the cylinder walls before reassembly. Your model year of BMW has the nikasil coating. I would not simply hone your cylinders, attempt to the coating, it may be required to put then next overbore size of piston in. If ...


Personally, I replace the rings every time a piston goes back in the cylinder. While I can't speak for motorbikes (*I know they get dismantled a lot more often than a typical car engine) I would assume like with most wear items, you'd want to remove it, then put new ones on after.


They could have left a loose bolt on the preasure plate for the clutch and when you disengage the clutch, the bolt might hit the shell of the trany.

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