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It could be that the oil level was low before it went into storage. Upon sitting, the oil will have settled for a few % above low error. When driving the oil becomes distributed around moving parts and resulting in low oil alert. If the oil level drops again now you have added more oil, then suspect leak. If not, its just a very wierd coincidence.


The oil level is not going to decrease due to it sitting for six months unless a seal went bad. It would appear to me you have an oil leak somewhere. This doesn't mean you are going to have low oil tomorrow morning, but it does indicate you need to keep an eye on the oil situation. What you can do is to check the ground where you normally park your vehicle ...


It could be the sign of a failing fuel pump either. A failing pump couldn't deliver the sufficient ammount of fuel when the fuel tank low on fuel.


I recently put engine oil in my power steering fluid reservoir. Power steering fluid is similar to transmission fluid. It mixed in fine and had no effect that I could identify. Due to a leak I eventually ran my power steering on pure engine oil until its was repaired. Oils and transmission and break fluids are hydraulic fluids and apart from different ...

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