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BMW TIS details the instructions (I assume your engine is an N46): Remove the ignition coil covers Remove the ignition coils Judging by the instructions it should be a breeze (at least easier than my S62!)


You should be able to do this with a basic set of hand tools (ratchet/socket set). I don't know what it involves to get any covers off (may require some torx sockets or drivers to remove, though is probably only connected by some 10mm bolts or fasteners). The coil itself is a "coil-on" configuration which, in and of itself, does not require any tools to ...


I suggest you consult TIS. Here is a link that details how to remove the intake manifold.


Door lock actuators are notorious for failing on the E39 5-series. I expect it is the same part used on the E38 7-series as well. The actuator needs changing out.


if you want to delete EGR best would be to search this forum, you could find usefull info there. I hope it helps. Boris


after topping off your oil park in a wind free environment o/night having laid down newspaper under car which may narrow down source of leak.Just to be sure lock garage to ensure the car is not being tampered with.Some folks find such things as fuel/oil tampering funny


It sounds like you are getting drain back. When your engine sits without running for a period of time, most all of the oil in the oil passages drains back into the crank case. When you restart your engine, the oil has to be brought from the pan back up into the oil passages, then you see your oil pressure raise. Since I don't know which year your BMW is, I ...

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