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if the TOB fails, you will usually hear a loud grinding or squealing when you depress the clutch pedal. Eventual failure will destroy the clutch pressure plate, and clutch disk, and could possibly damage the throwout bearing lever, which could punch a hole in your bell-housing, or damage your flywheel.


Since when a wheel bearing goes bad you can feel it more than you can hear it, and there usually isn't any deflection in the wheel itself until the bearing is pretty much shot, the way I usually check for the bad bearing is with an automotive stethoscope: What I do is this: Put the car up on jack stands Take the wheel off of the car (if you need to ...


If the noise is only happening when the clutch is engaged (pedal out), it's not the throw out bearing. You'd only hear the noise when you push on the pedal. This is because the only time the throw out bearing is being used is when you are pushing the pedal down. It won't contact the clutch fingers any other time, and therefor cannot make noise with the ...


A faulty installation can cause the bearing to fail prematurely - particularly if it is done up too tight - this is often a problem on older cars that need more axle endfloat than modern vehicles. Also if the bearing wasn't properly greased on installation, the unlubricated wear would destroy it fairly quickly... It's also possible that other problems such ...

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