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One way round your problem would be too have a second battery, together with diode pack and wiring to charge it independantly. If your intention is too camp out in remote areas, you really dont want to saddle the vehicles system with any loads. Alternatively a generator for your machine. A continuous 6amp load overnight is quite a high demand on a regular ...


You need to check the output from your alternator. With your volmeter connected across the battery, without the engine running, you should have a voltage of some thing like 12.2V (volts) to around 12.6V. depending on the state of charge of the battery. If you now start the vehicle, the battery connected as before, and you are getting 18V, then the Zener ...


There is no "normal" battery draw. It varies depending on whether the engine is running, what the load on the alternator is, how much electricity the alternator is generating, and what accessories are in use. More accessories being used creates a larger draw. When the engine is off and no accessories or lights are on, there should be minimal draw on the ...


75 - 100 milliamp This is standard across most modern cars.


The short answer is a lot You can look in this battery guide (PDF), and use control + F to find the 292 instances of 24F in the application guide.

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