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The question really is what the voltage was just before the jump start. A jump start is nothing more than get the engine running from another battery. If the engine runs again, the alternator/dynamo will charge the partly depleted battery again. Nobody can tell how long you need to drive to get the battery fully loaded again, as this depends on the state of ...


it could be the alternator. it could not be charging the battery because it could be seize up or the belt on the alternator could not be rotating the alternator to charge the battery. it might even be a bad battery. it could be alot of things. it could even be an electrical problem where something is shorting out and draining the battery. we would need more ...


To answer your other question, why do some lead acid batteries provide higher current than others? It has to do with the manufacturing process. High current lead acid batteries are built with thinner, higher surface area lead plates, while the higher capacity deep cycle batteries use thicker plates. They both are 12 volts but provide different services.


The new battery will not be drained over 5-8 days time period. If it does, you have much bigger issues to worry about. Change the battery now and be done with it. This will also ensure the body shop won't have any issues while they are working on your car as well. The worst things about batteries is they tend to die when you least expect it and at the worst ...

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