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Do I need to concern myself with being shocked while trying to change the battery? 12V is too low to present any significant electric shock hazard. The biggest hazard when working on batteries is shorting the thing out. This leads to a massive release of energy which can lead to severe burns. Some precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk. If ...


When disconnecting a battery always remove the negative terminal first. This breaks the circuit and neutralizes the possibility of a short circuit. When reconnecting the battery always connect positive terminal first. Never underestimate 12 volts : Under normal conditions the outer skin resistance is high enough not be an issue. However if you have open ...


Fuse box is good on a Honda, choose the terminal where the source cable is connected directly to the battery, be sure to use an in line fuse (30A) on your wire. Use #10 wire to connect your accessory to the terminal.


Is the field coil connection connected? If not the alternator will not produce any output at all. The field coil supplies the magnetic field needed to induce current in the alternator coil winding. There are 2 connections on a alternator. B+ Output of regulator Field Field coil connection The ground is the casing of the alternator. The plug ...


In addition to the other answers: if the tools you use are exposed metal, wrap some tape around the handle to insulate it. After you've removed one battery cable, cover the exposed terminal. This prevents the cable end from contacting the terminal again.

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