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It could simply be the battery needs a complete charge, or it could be the battery or a parasitic draw. You need to have the battery tested to start. You can see my post here on how to test a battery, or most auto parts stores will do it for you.


If you have started the engine and you are getting 13-14.5V, the alternator is working and your problem would be most likely battery. Your local auto-parts store will usually have a heavy discharge battery tester to prove or disprove the servicibility of the battery before laying out money to replace it. In passing you should not assume the cables are OK but ...


Unless you have a very strange car (ie possibly some of the hybrids, and maybe some heavy duty offroaders) or live in a very cold environment (eg northern Canada or Russia) you can use standard 12 volt lead-acid car batteries. If your manual says it has to be something different, then pay attention to the manual, but otherwise, go with the default. If you ...

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