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There should be no grease in the boot. The CV joint casing doesn't need packing fully with grease. Pack enough in to cover all the moving parts. If a sachet of grease is included in the kit, then there usually is enough for one joint.


Clean off the bulk of the grease with rags, then dump them in a bucket of solvent (gas, kerosene, parts cleaner, mineral spirits). Seafoam or brake cleaner also work, but they're more expensive. Let them sit for a bit, then pull them out, wipe them clean with another rag, re-grease and reassemble.


I know exactly the feeling you are having ... been in this situation many times. The thing you need to do is be malevolent on it. You need to grab a pry bar which will give you some leverage. Do not be nice to it. Put the pry bar up between the inner CVJ and the case and really have at it. The axle will pop before you hurt anything (besides yourself). ...


True for some axles. Given the different bearing designs between the inner and out CV joint. The CV joints will include the required grease when purchased. The color depends more on the manufacturer than anything. There are aftermarket (read: Valvoline, Castrol, etc) greases that can be used in the inner and outer cv joint.

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