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My first thoughts, given the car is question, would be to check to see if there is a performance version of the car which features four wheel drive. For road use, if you have over 300bhp going through the front wheels, things can get difficult. A friend of mind had a 320bhp Seat Leon Cupra (Front wheel drive) and sold it to buy an Audi S3 (same basic ...


Before you start, I'd have a good read of the rules applying to it - I seem to remember that Germany is very strict on heavily modified cars, so you might well find there are restrictions on what you can do to it - modifying the monocoque (chassis/bodyshell) to allow the fitment of a propshaft and rear drive axle might well be restricted, or involve huge ...


Jerking and thumping when shifting through gears is an indication that you have bad either: bad engine mounts bad transmission mounts bad differential mounts bad axles a combination or all of the above Shifting into neutral does relieve the "tension", as you put it, but you need to care care of these issues. They can end up being costly.


Short answer. Yes. Your vehicle could be pulling to the right for several reasons. It could be uneven tire wear (which would likely have been caused by an alignment issue), tire pressure (which you've checked), wheel damage (which you've checked) or misalignment. One thing you might try before going for an alignment is making sure that all four of your ...

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