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It sounds like the 1-2 and 2-3 (A/B) shift solenoids are continuing to be energized or are stuck in the on position. According to the 1994 Camaro/Firebird Service Manual (pg 7A-14A-6): The PCM energizes each solenoid by grounding it through an internal quad driver. This sends current through the coil winding in the solenoid and moves the interal plunger ...


I would suggest that you check your motor mounts. This sounds like a motor mount issue.


In newer automatic cars, you won't be hurting the engine by switching from reverse to drive because the car will wait in neutral before actually going into gear. So if you don't have this feature, you could potentially damage things connected to the drivetrain by putting so much force on the torque converter.


A slight RPM increase when shifting from "D" to neutral is normal. The reason for this is the engaged transmission is putting a slight load on the engine and slowing it down. In neutral the engine is doing less work because it is not trying to turn the drivetrain.

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