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On the racing car - Upshift cuts the ignition, Downshift blips the throttle. Details: instead of gear stick they have paddle shift. It is a actuator attached to a gear selector and being pushed or pulled by compressed air or solenoid. Compressed air comes from a little compressor mounted on a car. When you switch gears up you send a signal to ECU which is ...


The first answer is good and rather complete, and I would have added this as a comment if I had the reputation... It might help to understand how a motorcycle gearbox differs from the traditional design that you will see in most explanations. The gears in a motorcycle gearbox do not slide on the shafts to engage and disengage gears, the gears are constantly ...


Why the Quick-Shifter? Since these are called quick-shifters we'll dub slow-shifting the traditional way of shifting gear. When you slow-shift you usually close the throttle, disengage the clutch, act on the gear shifting pedal, engage the clutch and reopen the throttle. Now, this is a time-consuming process (a few hundreds of milliseconds) which might be ...


The main reason that I use D3 is to hold the car in a lower gear while I squeal the tires taking some corners at 9/10s. D3 is also for when you want your car to remain 'on boil' while you wring its neck. For those who enjoy a car that handles well Hondas are a great choice.


I'll answer this old question with very recent experience, as in still in the process of fixing a transmission to broke. I had the transmission on my one and only car fail catastrophically. The differential broke and took out the ring gear it sits inside of. Aside from that and a couple minor things I found during the rebuild it was still a very healthy ...


On older cars i strip and clean off all parts replace all seals and gaskets and replace damaged / worn parts as not everyone finds it economically viable on older cars depending on its value. Also its possible the fault may be electrical on vehicles fitted with shift soloniods / speed sensors (4HP22EH/4L30E etc.

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