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The two immediate things that comes to mind for me: CV joints, but this will get better and worse according to the position of the steering wheel. This happened on my FIL's car. He lost the top bolt on the torque plate (to which the brake caliper is attached). This caused the entire caliper to rotate away under certain conditions and cause a ...


its your vacuum line from drivers side to passenger side against firewall it collapses from heat.


This sounds like it could possibly be an Evaporative Emissions problem involving your fuel tank. The engineering side of fuel systems refer to the amount of air in a fuel tank as "Head Pressure". Since fluids are almost impossible to compress, as you gain more air (and use fuel) in the tank it's contents are more easily compressed. The vehicle's computer can ...


I have had a few transmissions crap out, need to be replaced. Sounds like you now have one also. I assume you are not changing it yourself so whatever shop you take it to will be able to verify this for you. Final diagnosis will have to be with mechanic who actually looks at your car.


Assuming that we're talking about a vehicle with electronic fuel injection, leave it in drive. You'll actually use more fuel shifting into neutral. When you release your foot from the accelerator, the throttle position sensor will signal the computer to cut all fuel injection. For the duration of the hill (or as long as you keep your foot off the ...


My 2000 durango does this same thing. Took me a bit to figure it out. I stopped and filled up to find it works just fine. Just don't let the gas get so low now.


Your question is in a grey territory. It can't be said "stop doing that right now" but at the same time it can't be said "keep doing that it's perfect." A transmission is designed to operate during normal driving conditions without driver intervention. Going up hills and down hills is not a concern. Some SUVs have a feature that allows safely descending a ...


Most owner's manuals state that the vehicle should not be towed with the drive wheels on the ground for longer than x miles or faster than y MPH. The reason for this is that Neutral only disengages the engine from the transmission, but not the transmission from the wheels. As the drive wheels turn, the transmission turns. This can heat up the transmission, ...

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