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Disregard, I just realized you meant an LCD screen for viewing video, not just a small display showing track/time. The comment below probably doesnt apply. The comments and answers you've received so far are accurate, and it's probably an internal issue, however, some aftermarket decks have an input for dash lighting that controls the brightness of the ...


You need to test with a Digital Multi Meter (DMM) because there is no way we can help you diagnose an issue. I would: Remove the dash and test at the harness (picture below of a headunit disconnected from a dash). Also, when the headunit is removed look for any burns or if the headunit has a blown fuse. If the back of the headunit has a burn mark it can ...


I would check the alternator or you might have to change the battery, I notice that I had that problem. And once I changed my battery the problem went away. I believe it is a voltage drop which causes the volume to drop.


Really the only thing you need to know is what you've figured out already - the headsets work with IR emmiters built into the entertainment system of the van. There appears to only be one "standard" and searching for "Dodge Caravan IR headset" will give you tons of choices. The only thing I would look at is to make sure the headsets are "dual channel" ...


Re-pair your phone with your car Goto your phone and delete your car as an audio device. Goto your car stereo and delete your phone as a source device. Re-pair your phone and your car and see what happens. Seems to be an effective fix for me when I occasionally encounter this issue.

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