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It usually depends from unit to unit. But from my experience what i have observed is that majourity aftermarket cd players supports music from subfolders. Same case for flash drives. Here us a picture of my cd player manual, showing in which order music will be played from subfolders.


Many MP3 cd players support this option. The best way to find out is to search your vehicle owner's manual. If it is not available, try it! However, be careful if it does not work immediately. There is, principally on older units, conditions on the format and naming scheme. Here's an example of a 2004 FIAT's manual. You can use these restrictions as they ...


This is highly dependent on the head unit's internal software. Unfortunately the equipment installed into various cars can vary wildly, between years and trim levels especially. The easiest method to determine if your vehicle is capable of playing MP3 files within folders is to simply create a CD with folders and see if it plays. If it doesn't, you know ...

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