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A few things to consider: I assume it did not do this until you had the new radio installed? If not that puts the problem pretty squarely at Best Buy's feet. Observe carefully to see if there is a pattern to the radio turning itself on. Does it always happen? Or does it only happen if…? How long does it take before it comes back on? What you discover here ...


Majority of times the reason for this is the red and yellow/red tracer are in the block the wrong way around just swap them over also check original block as they are sometimes wired differently so match them.


That's a funny way to remind you that two tweeters - possibly out of phase - could result in a sound you're not happy with. Note this warning is specific to the channel (FL, FR, RL, RR) you're working in. If there are no rear tweeters then you're good. If there are rear tweeters you will definitely want to do two things Disconnect the factory tweeters ...


It's very common to use small android tablets in double-DIN slots, and you then get all the fun of Android development.


While you could buy an amplifier, you won't save money that way vs. buying a simple car radio. $100 gets you a unit with a built-in amplifier (17W per channel) and an interface for connecting your phone. It also offers a convenient way to change the volume (instead of having to unlock the phone and messing with a touchscreen). Amplifiers are generally ...


Looks like a ribbon wire connector. It is a flexible connection joining circuit boards. Definitely not a IDE or any computer type connector. You could probably find them in computers connecting the motherboard to the daughterboard. They are usually grey in color. I believe they are also polarized and the plugs only go in one way.


The battery will loose charge even if it has no loads connected. This happens due to the nature of the chemistry of lead acid type batteries. A fully charged battery will fully discharge in a few months. The older it is the faster it happens. Significant damage happens to a battery that is discharged while a charged battery has much less damage. The ...

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