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It sounds like your sub-woofer has put a constant drain on the battery and is using up all the power. If you didn't do it, you should have hooked it up through switched power and run the power through the appropriate sized relay switch. This will ensure you don't get a current drain when the vehicle is off. If you did do that, it still sounds like you have ...


You might be able to use something like this, but there are trade-offs. The "kit" you show is plug-n-play. You'll have to repin the 3.5mm cabling to allow you to utilize it, unless you can find one which will work specifically with your system. The only thing you'll be able to do with the 3.5mm cable is pipe audio through it. With the "kit", you should be ...


Noise - means radio mode is working. Try to insert other CD, as your current CD might be damaged

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