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I'm looking at the factory wiring harness for the 6 1/2" front door speakers and it consists of 4 wires. Can someone tell me why there are four and not two? What should I do with the two extra wires after I cut the plug off? Do I just cap them?


In this case, the phone is only used as a conduit or a means by which the stereo acts as the mouth (speakers) and ears (mic) through the bluetooth connection. You'll have to hook up the microphone in order for it to work, because that's what the stereo is expecting. My suggestion is to find a spot which is innocuous and run the mic to that spot. It should ...


Had a similar issue with a different car, the issue with mine was a blown capacitor on my headunit, it turned off, and then randomly on. If you're not an electrician / technically minded then easiest route would be to just buy a second hand part and replace it.


Yes, the Citroen C4 OEM stereo can play music from bluetooth devices such as android or IOS based phones.


If your car has points ignition, It may be a failed condenser. The sparking at the points creates interference, and your speaker wires could be inducting and amplifying the signals.

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