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Did you try retrieving the serial number from here to cross verify the same - https://radio-navicode.honda.com Is it possible to see the codes in the display when you enter them, perhaps you are entering the right codes but the number keys have some issues.


I'm not sure what your headlights have to do with an audio system? If you are fitting the audio system yourself, you need to find a switched source of power, one which comes on when you turn the key. The best way to fit this is to buy the adapter kit for it, which will give you a wired adapter which plugs into your car and aligns with the color coding on ...


There are two types of locks - if you have entered an incorrect code too many times it may be a garage visit (Lock13) Lock10 is when you have entered an incorrect code 10 times (I think) and can be cleared by holding the "6" button while turning the unit on. Then you enter the security code the normal oway: Display Shows CODE with " - - - - " Press ...

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