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Your problem is probably a ground loop. This means that the ground path from the laptop to radio has less resistance than the ground path from the laptop to the cigarette liter. This causes the laptop to try and ground through the audio cord which causes the problem. This can be caused by a bad/poor inverter or by a bad/poor power supply. The suggested ...


I am thinking either: A) The pedal/cable is hitting something B) The Neutral Safety Switch on the clutch being triggered is causing issues. What I would do: Google it (along with your year/model), find forums for your car and see if anyone else has had this issue. Check around your pedal/cable to see if anything is touching. Check the grounds on your ...


I read on a forum that the issue could be down to certain earth wires. When depressing the clutch pedal, you may be earthing a electrical line going to the sound system which in turn stops the music. There are various earths located in the engine bay. Check around the inner wings etc and make sure all of them are tight.


After doing some research on muddy bass, I discovered this is mainly due to the ANC (Active Sound Cancelation) cancelling out the bass from the speakers. Apparently the good engineers at Honda aren't able to figure out how not to cancel out the bass from the sound system. And there is no provision to turn ANC off. I found several recommendations suggesting ...

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