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Yes, it's technically possible. but in general it requires you or an electrician to make up custom wiring harnesses. In other words: you can't just install the head unit and expect it to work. That would be too simple. Real men have to suffer before they're allowed to enjoy something. The good news is that Parrot thought of this and offers the UNIKA ...


I do a fair bit of ICE (although mostly European and Japanese cars) and from my experience, unless one of the aftermarket providers has built an adapter you are usually out of luck. There are just too many different standards (or lack of them) for how steering wheel controls talk to head units. That said - replacements are often very cheap, or you can often ...


Take two butter knives and shove them in gap at the top of your radio about an inch or two from the sides. It should push the clips in and it will slide right out. Sometimes the cables come out in the back.


If you pop off the trim and look at the wires, the two twisted together will be for the speakers. The power locks and windows will all run straight. Twisting speaker wires together helps with interference noise and is done on ford's. From factory.

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