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This website called Nengun shows the same model NH3T-W56 (but the web site says "Toyota genuine". If that's true you should've asked Toyota for a help so I don't know if this web site is right).


You should contact Toyota to get support for OEM installed equipment in a Toyota.


So I did some digging and managed to find a PDF of the entire wiring diagram for the 2014. I'll post a OneDrive link below for anyone who wants to download them. They also contain dashboard disassembly instructions and whatnot. Amp Location: Right side of trunk. If you have the amp, it seems that the speaker wires are the same colors there as in the front ...


Most manufacturers tend to be fairly consistent with their stereo wiring, so it ought to be the same as other modern Fords. A quick googling reveals This site, which suggests the following: Power Memory (+12v Constant) Green Yellow Ignition (+12v Switched) Yellow/Black Ground (-) Black or Fat Red Illumination Orange ...

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