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Ask the dealer if the radio is programmable and if service bulletin 10-081 applies to this model. That is the only thing that has not been tried that I can think of. The serial number is usually on the units label. The unit must be removed to read it. It can be used to obtain the security code, in case the code was incorrect. I have had these radios take a ...


They are typically on the same fuse. Charging outlet should be listed as a cigarette lighter.


A common way to run cabling from the back of the car to the front is tucking it under the floor carpet near an edge, where passengers' feet don't frequently stomp. For example you could route it along an edge next to the door, then through the B-pillar or A-pillar, around the windshield and to the rear view mirror.


From the Wikipedia page on OBD-II PIDs. PID 1E designates if the Power Transfer Output (PTO) is active or not. PID 65 is the sister PID to 1E designating if 1E means anything, supported or not. A PTO is a device that attaches to an engine/transmission that does other work besides driving the vehicle forward. For example a dump truck commonly had a ...


Connect the factory head unit to the harness. While pressing the button measure each wire for changes. You should see a noticeable fluctuation that matches the button pushing. Tap into the cable(s) and create your own little harness with connector. Get a standard connector at the local auto parts store. Connect the button of your choice to the connector. ...

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