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Engine coolant can leave the cooling system by different ways: Through a damaged hose. Through a damaged radiator or reservoir. Through a damaged head or head gasket. In this case, white smoke (which is just steam) is coming out of the exhaust. This is an Audi special: Through a damaged / worn-out coolant reservoir cap. The cap has a sealing which gets ...


Sounds to me like a wire is possibly burning ... The plastic shielding may be frying creating the smoke ... Also may account for the voltage warning. Check your alternator wires and follow your exhaust... I had a mustang do the same thing. My alternator wires were melting from exhaust pipe heat. If it is the case please redo the wire just below the melting ...


Carbon-metallic Brake Pads If you do have carbon-metallic brake pads, especially high performance ones like you might find on an Audi S4 (although I can't say for sure), the material that they are made out of do tend to be prone to noise which is an artifact that occurs from the manufacturer trying to optimise for braking efficiency. How to Fix Brake Noise ...


Yes, it is possible for the coolant to leave through the exhaust. You should get a compression leak-down test done.

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