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The Audis have an engine oil cooler cooled by the engine coolant. Look on the front of the engine just above the sump for two water hoses going to a three inch square finned aluminium box. This is the oil cooler. They can oxidise and corrode after time. They then allow oil to seep out under pressure into the coolant.


You can still get oil into the coolant through a head gasket leak, even if you don't have any other symptoms. You symptom of oil into the water is very classic of a head gasket leak. Oil pressure is almost always higher than the water pressure. If it's a small leak, oil can be pushed into coolant galleys, but not the opposite. If you have flushed your ...


An Audi scanner, VCDS from Ross-Tech.com, will show up any electronic faults on your AirCon. Time and time again though, the symptoms you describe can be put down to the AirCon thermostat.

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