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It seems the way to trigger the headlight washers is to just hold the main washers longer. That would mean to me they cannot be triggered exclusively. If you don't actually like the little things, there is a way to code them out from the hidden menu if you have access to VAG COM. Change the following: Set Headlight washer - Duration [09 – Cent. ...


This set up is a quazai differential/planetary gear set. This can make it difficult to see how it functions. Power comes in from the transmission and into the pinon gear carrier and pinon gears. The pinon gears then transfer power to the front and rear crown gears. While the speed of the front and rear axles is the same the pinons do not rotate on their ...


Carbon-metallic Brake Pads If you do have carbon-metallic brake pads, especially high performance ones like you might find on an Audi S4 (although I can't say for sure), the material that they are made out of do tend to be prone to noise which is an artifact that occurs from the manufacturer trying to optimise for braking efficiency. How to Fix Brake Noise ...


After referencing the comments above and taking it into a different dealer, I had it confirmed that it was the rack. It is a known issue with Audi's electric steering. They fixed it by replacing the rack.

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