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Check the connections. Check connection to ground. Possibly a bad voltage regulator. Is it a new battery? If it's old it might be a failing battery.


The problem turned out to be the alternator.


First of all, eliminate everything else of the final things you pulled prior to assuming it's the solenoid on the starter, but I think you are onto it with the starter. You would have all of these symptoms with a starter motor which is engaged all the time. I'd suggest you are going to end up replacing the starter anyway ... the drive to the mechanic if only ...


When the starter motor clicks but doesn't start the engine, that means it is not receiving enough power. If you get no click at all, then it's receiving almost no power at all. There are three possible causes: your battery is flat. your battery is no good. there is a bad connection somewhere between the battery and the starter motor. Or, alternatively, ...

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