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This question is already answered, but it is worth noting that a distinct stereo whine that changes pitch with engine speed can be indicative of an issue with the alternator and/or voltage regulator. The noise sounds like supercharger whine in such cases.


For anyone who has similar issues I had a similar issue however I don't think it was exactly same. I tried the steps in the accepted answer with no success. Research on my own I tried different phones and noticed that some would have the static at low volumes and other would not. I looked online and sometimes the phone can cause this to happen. How I ...


You need to inspect the following: Serpentine belt (actually, change it if you haven't done so already) Tensioner pulley - While the tensioner may appear as though it's good, it may not be giving the belt enough tension so it has traction on the accessories. One of the two is going to be your issue. There is the outside chance you received a bad ...


Test the battery at the terminals Test the positive on the battery with the ground to the frame Double-check that the alternator is hooked up correctly Is there power to one system but not another? Check your fuses. If you aren't getting power to anything start at the source (battery) and work your way in. Follow the wires. Check your grounds. Don't ...


It could just be you got a bad alternator from O'Reilly's. Have them replace the unit for free. With re-manufactured parts, it happens. Have then test the new unit in the store before you leave to ensure you don't have to do it again.


The normal range for most alternators to run is ~14.1vdc. When the system is run higher than that (in the range you are talking about ... 15vdc plus), it will boil (and ultimately ruin) the battery. Depending on the load, the regulator may put out more than 15vdc, but this will be on a very short term basis.

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