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If you think the alignment is off, take it back to the shop and have them double check it for you. They could have made a mistake ... it does and can happen. They should have given you an alignment report which would give you the before/after shot of what the alignment looked like. Make sure all of these numbers are in the green. If they didn't give you an ...


To answer your question, there aren't any alignment adjustments possible at the rear of the Honda Fit. Here is the reason why: This picture shows the front and rear suspension on your vehicle. It shows it to be made as a torsion suspension. At the front of the torsion bar are two pivot points which locates the suspension, then there is a spring and and ...


Apart from alignment balancing your car may shake alot or beeng difficult to control if your v arms a not tighten, a small movement of v arms can realy cause, problems,,

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