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If your car has a vibration sensor, you can typically set the sensitivity. You can test this by bumping into your car or trying to rock it a bit.


Although I doubt it's relevant, I had the engine replaced two days ago. That may well be relevant. On many cars that hood would need to be removed to replace the engine and it is quite possible that this would effect the adjustment of the hood switch. If this is new behavior – if you had no or few false alarms like this before replacing the engine – it ...


recently... i have done this before. What i'm doing is... i connect directly to left/right respectively. one wire connect to left signal and another one to to right signal. For simple car, i think should be no problem. My car so far so good.


Basically, you want a device to activate when the 'system' is 'armed' and the door is opened. The easiest way to do this would be to tap into one of the outputs of an existing system, or install an aftermarket alarm system. If you want a completely different system, you will need door pin sensors to determine when the door has opened. You MIGHT be able to ...


The big difference in what you describe is that with the door open things work and with it closed they don't – that makes me think that the cause could be a wire flexing. I'm not sure what "55 plate" means – but a 1.9 liter TDI sounds more to me like a Mk4 than a Mk6 (know which it is will help with finding the schematic for the door wiring). I'd be ...

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