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With very old aftermarket electronics the only real thing that can be done is removing the system. With aftermarket electronics there is little to no support, no replacement parts and no predictable failure mode. Before you drive your self insane or get stranded somewhere when the system fails altogether, remove the immobilizer system.


I'm late to the game, but maybe it helps others as well... Your description should work, but there's one catch: make sure you follow the steps on the passenger seat not the driver seat. You also need to press the knob once to toggle it from b_on to b_off as HasH_BrowN wrote in his answer.


If your Alarm is going On after replacing Your battery. 1 there is a code you need to enter into the FACTORY radio. The radio is part of the alarm system. You must Pull the radio and Call Acura dealer/ Acura themselves. There is an 8 digit code that will give them the 5 digit code you will need to enter. (write it down on owners manual for future ref.) ...

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