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Preignition occurs when a hot spot inside the combustion chamber ignites the fuel before the spark does. The exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) dilutes the air/fuel mixture slightly to lower combustion temperatures when the engine is under load. This reduces the formation of oxides of nitrogen and also helps prevent detonation. So, I would check the ...


It sounds as though you did suck up some water and were on the verge of hydrolock, but didn't quite get there. I also doubt you have caused any damage to the engine, in fact, you may have inadvertently helped your engine (though I wouldn't suggest you do this again!!!). The extra sputtering may have been a case of the filter on your CAI getting soaked with ...


Two things come to mind here: First, cars are a sieve. There are more holes in them than you can shake a stick at. Lizards are very pliable creatures and can fit through any of these small openings if it fits their needs. Second, the lizard may have been in your car since the last time you were in your car. You never know.


For this type of intake manifold gasket, if there is absolutely no damage to the rubber it should be good for reuse. You will need to be very careful with it when taking it off of the engine. Make sure you clean it up and put a very light coat of clean oil on it before installation. Do not remove it from the intake manifold to do this, though, as you run the ...

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