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tl;dr: your car will be more vulnerable to hydrolock. Don't use full throttle in deep puddles. In the rain, you should be fine in most situations. All that said, you'll still be able to ruin your car if you try hard enough. If you submerge a running car in water, it's going to damage the engine, cold-air intake or not. One of the worst possible ...


HAHA! I had this EXACT problem happen on one of my motorbikes. Basically the velocity of the wind hits a perfect speed over either a crack in the intake pipe, or some other object, and it whistles. I'm not really sure why you would bother with cold air intakes. At best they only really provide the same level of gains as a better air filter. There are ...


Try hydro shields. Other are nylon covers for your intake filters made by injen. It fixed the problem on my Audi tt

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