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There are two major problems incurred by not changing your air filter: As your air filter becomes full of dirt, pollen, crap, what have you, it becomes a restriction on the air inlet. This will degrade performance on the vehicle (as you stated). This will cause you to waste gas as well as cause more wear and tare on the engine (having to push the engine ...


Judging by the relative absence of space in the engine bay, any attempts at relocating the intake will involve a fair amount of engineering and gnashing of teeth. I would recommend keeping it in its present location but restoring the air box cover. It won't help much with heat soak through radiation but should reduce convective heat loads felt by the intake ...


This is a very difficult question to answer. Altering the airflow path before the airflow sensor can lean out an engine, which might improve performance, but cause unnecessary heat and stress. Without dynamometer testing with careful monitoring of Air/Fuel ratios, any changes are speculation. Your current installation is probably particularly sensitive, ...


What you have done is the simplest and easiest install for these filters. Anything better involves some work and some custom parts. You need to find space. What people often do is place the filter in the corners behind or under the headlights. To do this, you will need a longer tube, so find a generic tube of flexible material of the same diameter and ...


I think you must have to mention it on bike Because carburetor is being used in them mostly and if its leaked than you must first air dry the filter after oiling procedure and then check it out by putting it back. But it would be better to replace it.


i think you can use the washable filters depending on the model and availability.It would be cost effective and better to use because of built-in one.It is experienced that when we replace the built-in one with the new , performance goes down usually.

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