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From underneath the car, you may be able to get access to the starter motor. It is then possible to connect jump leads from a charged battery to the car by connecting the positive lead to the the large connector on the starter motor and the negative lead to a suitable place on the engine. Once you have power, you may be able to open the car as usual.


The two things you mentioned will help keep your leather looking good for a long time. I had leather seats and never did any maintenance and they began to dry and crack after several years. So the leather moisturizer is a very good idea.You can get several flavors of this from auto parts places. I have no data on which ones are better. Without this you will ...


Have you looked at the lights to make sure the filament is still good? It is feasible you lost both headlights at nearly the same time. It's also possible, you didn't notice one of them had gone out (you mentioned they were dim ... a single bulb would have looked like dim bulbs) before the second one went out. Look for black spots on the bulb. Also, don't ...


They are typically on the same fuse. Charging outlet should be listed as a cigarette lighter.


What you are hearing is a defective VTC actuator, which in part controls the oil pressure. It is defective in 10"s of thousands of Honda 4 cylinder engines built between 08 and 13. It is mentioned in Honda TSB 09-010. Honda will not fix this problem. The cars with this issue are worth very little in trade, and the defect may eventually lead to engine failure ...

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