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cam actuator gear assembly; there is a bulletin on it


Here is a detailed DIY for the Honda / Acura V6 J Series Engine for replacing the timing belt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TMR9PG3fko


If the screw was just screwed into fibreglass, then a simple fibreglass patch is all you need. Cover the hole, and then once it has set, drill a pilot hole and fit the new screw. Alternatively you could use a couple of washers and a bolt, rather than a screw. Because this is not a high load, and is hidden in normal use, you don't need anything that clever ...


Take two butter knives and shove them in gap at the top of your radio about an inch or two from the sides. It should push the clips in and it will slide right out. Sometimes the cables come out in the back.

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