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I dont know where you looked for the fuse, but I found that it's not under the hood of the 2008 accord. It's beneath the steering column by the driver's left foot. Fuse no. 30. There's another one on the passenger side (one to each individual lightbulb) , but I only had to change the passenger side and both headlights started working..


I recently had the same trouble of intermittent shut-off while driving. I drive a 96 Honda Accord LX. 2.2L. It turned out to be the ignition control module (ICM) located inside the distributor. (50) bucks at Autozone.


The two things are entirely unrelated: 1 - this is normal. When you press the accelerator, there are a number of things that have to happen - more fuel to the cylinders, spark timing change, valve timing changes etc. and this takes some time to have an effect. If you had a turbocharged car you would notice a much greater lag, as there is a huge dependency ...


This is a clear sign of a dirty/carbon-ed up throttle body. This video will show you how to fix it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQpPcdvSBks

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