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On a very small fluid loss the first thing is too tighten any hose clips or unions. These can allow the fluid to 'sweat' out of the system. Any clips that show any sign of oil around them require critical attention as the hose at the joining may be starting to perish internally.


There's a leak there somewhere - there are only two places where power steering fluid can go: where it's supposed to go, and where it's not. "Not" means outside of everything, onto the ground & into the air. There aren't any places where it can leak into any other fluid reservoir in the vehicle.


It has to be in gear 2 ,, 2 is for the streets and when u hit 38mph u switch it to d3 d3 is for the highway a lot of people don't know I ready this in the Manuel once I did it to my car it ran great no jerkin while goin into second gear 1 is for driving in mud 2 is for streets and d3 is for highway and d 4


It sounds like you have a sticking A/C compressor clutch, with the exception of hissing from passenger side, I would think from driver side. But this is an easy check and worth doing. Your compressor might be turning with the engine and the hissing noise is the scraping of metal on metal down in the lower left(when sitting in the car) of your engine bay. ...


Engine/gearbox mountings may be worn. Ignition coil(s) starting to fail. Accelerator pedal position sensor starting to wear. Fuel injector intermittant fault. There are many reasons more, so a check over at your repair shop would be recommended.

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