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It sounds like you have a sticking A/C compressor clutch, with the exception of hissing from passenger side, I would think from driver side. But this is an easy check and worth doing. Your compressor might be turning with the engine and the hissing noise is the scraping of metal on metal down in the lower left(when sitting in the car) of your engine bay. ...


Engine/gearbox mountings may be worn. Ignition coil(s) starting to fail. Accelerator pedal position sensor starting to wear. Fuel injector intermittant fault. There are many reasons more, so a check over at your repair shop would be recommended.


If you wiggled the wires and it restarted, I'd suggest you ensure all of the wires are firmly in place on the cap and on the spark plugs. Since it wouldn't actually start, you should pay close attention to the coil wire. If it were the spark plug wires it would probably start, but would run rough. Seeing as how it would not start at all, this might point to ...


It sounds to me like you probably have a so-called "vacuum" leak. The "hiss" you mentioned is a tell-tale sign, and your air conditioning mode controls (both hot/cold, duct selection, etc.) are controlled by vacuum lines under the hood. At least, everything I just said it true of my Chevy Blazer, so I assume your Honda could have similar engineering. ...


(Assuming that you lost the power assistence on your steering) Your system has a reservoir, pump, rack, and joining hoses. All of these can leak out fluid. Raise the vehicle and place it on stands. Have a drain tray under the vehicle to hand to catch any lost fluid. Top up the reservoir and have the assistant turn the steering lock to lock. Mindful of any ...


It sounds like its shaking at higher RPMs. Check plugs, distributor, and exhaust for leaks. Also check your motor mounts. It may be your harmonic balancer. Check to see if its securely in place


Try doing a wheel balance and alignment. If that doesn't help may have to check a mechanic . Spindles could even be bent.

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