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From time to time you do come across a rusted in sensor. Your vehicle being a 2001, and O2 sensors lasting some time, yours is rusted in. If sheer force does not work you may need to use an oxy-acetalyne torch on the sensor to heat to it red-hot to break the rusting and undo it with a good single-hex deep socket. I have had one or two sensors break up and ...


If you are going to replace the sensor and have already purchased the replacement, cut the wires off of the old sensor and put a 1/2" drive deep well socket onto it (don't use the split socket for the O2 sensor to take it off, but you will use it to put it back on). Use a breaker bar to break it free, then use a ratchet the rest of the way. If you do not ...


Most auto part stores will loan enough tools to test what's wrong. Check your fuel pressure, your cylinder compression, and make sure your ignition system doesn't have water damage. If there are any DTCs those would help pinpoint the exact problem also.


I agree with Paulster2, it's very probably that you have water trapped in your exhaust. After it runs for a few minutes, is there any steam coming out of the tailpipe? A little steam is normal after first start up but after the engine warms up it should stop. If you have a never ending source of steam you can take apart the exhaust system and dump it out ...


From what I see, the bulb is a 1157A. These are very standard bulbs and can be picked up most anywhere (Walmart, AutoZone, Checkers, O'Reilly's, etc). The "A" in the identification indicates it as an amber bulb. You can find the 1157 which is the same exact bulb without the amber tint.


Check inside the boots on your steering rack. With your vehicle properly supported on jack stands, remove the wheels and take a pair of pliers and squeeze the clamps on the outer collar of the inner tie rod boots on the rack and slide a small pocket screwdriver or something similar CAREFULLY between the tie rod and the boot collar to see if there is any ...

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