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Most modern cars feature a cabin air filter - it might be worth getting this cleaned or replaced if she's not done so. Othewise, as Steve says, the Recirc button is good, but only for relatively short times...


My car features a "Recirc. Air" button which closes the external air vents and instead recycles air around the cabin. This is how I avoid getting pollutants into the car in, for example, a tunnel or heavy traffic. It may be worth your friend checking to see if their car has this option rather than attempting to filter the pollutants at source.


The compressor is a scroll type driven by a variable speed 288 volt three phase motor. The speed is controlled by the A/C system controller that uses neural network logic to calculate the required refrigerant volume needed based on learned values of this vehicle in its usual climate and usage pattern. As for the TVX vs Tube question. The system uses a newer ...


If you rev the engine up and it starts to cool down, then you may be a little low on refrigerant. If you really need to start moving, then the electric fans that are usually controlled by the a/c system may not be working. They assist in cooling the condenser at the front of the engine bay, when there isn't sufficient air flow.

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