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best source of info is your local Toyota dealer as they confront this issue all the time.Your aircon compressor may be manufactured by someone other than Toyota (like sanden) Manufacturers i.d. on compressor;contact them.As you know releasing gas into the environment is a big no no.$25,000 fine where I live (western Australia)Any auto aircon fitters can help ...


Personally I would not bother servicing it unless it is not performing as well any more. It's hardly a mission-critical feature and I can't see it causing consequential damage with its failure (unlike a timing belt, the oil system or the cooling system).


I would suggest getting it checked every year, as part of the annual service. Serviced is another matter - whenever it needs to be serviced is the waffley answer, but it really is. I had a 1997 car that had it's aircon serviced twice in it's lifetime (1997 - 2013), and a 2005 car that is serviced every two years as the pipes aren't great.

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