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I had a 85 Ford thunderbird with a completely bad ac system. The compressor was on the drive belt so I bought a smaller belt. Completely removed everything which was about a hundred pounds of parts. I got better gas mileage is the only difference I noticed other than more space to work in the engine with out all that crap in the way. Worked great on that car ...


Depends entirely where the leak is, and what's leaking. If it's on the high side it's going to leak faster when the AC is used. If it's on the low side it's going to leak slower when the AC is used. Since you are just trying to get by, and your getting rid of the vehicle soon you could top it off with the DIY AC charge kits sold at the local parts store ...


The simplest/easiest/quickest way is to just to turn on the heater full blast for about 5 minutes. This will dry out the air conditioner and kill the mold and bacteria.


I found my car Ac tube is not insulated and it is moving over the engine. It heated up immediately and affected the efficiency of cooling.I wrapped the pipe by asbestos belt.I amazed to found that the car cooling is even much better than before. Earlier the cooling was not appropriate when I drove the car for 25 minutes.the tube comes out from compressor ...

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