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Despite the apparent contradiction of it, using the AirCon and heater to defrost the windows is a very much quicker to clear the windows on a cold start. The Mazda is one of many cars that use this as a device to enable good visibility for a quicker drive away from starting.


If you don't mind the not-so-stock look, you could step up to a serpentine system (like this one from March Performance Pulleys). This would bring your drive system into the 21st century, look better, work better, and free up some horsepower. Having three belts drive your accessories has a lot of parasitic draw on the engine. Each pulley which pushes a belt ...


You haven't said how old your car is... Old cars did indeed function as you describe with the AC compressor cycling on and off. It was either compressing, or it wasn't. You had to size the compressor for the worst case cooling need (i.e. relatively large) and when the compressor kicked in, it was quite noticeable (i.e. the engine would jerk as the ...

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