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I'm at 162,000 and the abs/tc lights are on constantly. I scanned the codes and there's a fault in the right front wheel speed circuit. I played around with the wires and the lights went out. My understanding is that there's a recall out for the wiring harness.


Yes, good enough in preventing wheel lock about 80% while applying only back brake and have not seen any lock while using both brakes. It is particularly very useful because wheel lock skid can possibly happen also at speeds of 30-40 kmph even when the brake is not applied abruptly depending on the road, wetness, gravels (small stones/sand), etc.


I have got this Mechanical ABS from Shopclues.com at 549 rupees including shipping charges. I installed it and checked. Found it to be good enough, but doesn't work when applied full sudden brake and that is what is said by many dealers online. Proper electronic ABS with speed sensors and ECU cannot be installed manually in most bikes, atleast in india it is ...

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