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I don't think it's possible to recalibrate the systems for a different tire size, but it shouldn't be necessary for such a small change. Most emergency spare tires are smaller than the standard vehicle tires and they don't hurt anything. That said, be careful if your vehicle has a limited-slip differential or all-wheel drive, those can be damaged if you have ...


Your best bet is to get your own hand held and diagnose this yourself. You can pick up various ones for $30-$2000 (if you really want to pay that much). The lower costing ones are Bluetooth designed to work with your smartphone. I too am doubting the voracity of this problem being a fried ABS ECU, mainly because in some vehicles, a brake light can cause ...


I would have the front wheels bearings checked. A bad bearing can cause sensor misalignment and the ABS to activate. You may also have an issue with the power brake booster. The booster uses engine generated vacuum to assist with pedal effort. A leaking vacuum line may be reducing the vacuum and increase the pedal effort required to stop.


There is No Such thing as coincidence. The brakes felt the same before and after the new pads because the pads were NOT the problem causing the soft pedal. This is likely ABS related issue 99% of the time. To fix it yourself all you need to do is engage the ABS once or twice. On a deserted road or safe place when traveling at 50 -60 mph Slam as hard as you ...

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