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General internal combustion engine questions.
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a Japanese auto and motorcycle maker which produces vehicles for worldwide use, producing models such as the Civic, Accord, Ridgeline, and Odyssey.
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About the main electric systems of the car. Consider a different tag for radios and other such systems.
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US-based multinational carmaker with subsidiaries in Europe and Australia
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Please specify the brand, model and year in your question.
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a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. Usually this refers to an SLI battery (starting, lighting, ignition) to power the starter motor,…
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a Japanese automaker which produces vehicles for worldwide use, producing models such as the Camry, Tundra, Prius and Corolla
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The fuel system covers the components of a car responsible for fuel delivery - tank, pumps, filters and pipes. Questions on carburettors and injection systems have their own tags
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Questions relating to any part of the vehicle braking system
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Questions about general routine maintenance of a vehicle or engine.
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General Motors brand of motor vehicle.
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The sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road, tyres are a vital and oft-overlooked component.
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Questions regarding the engine lubrication system
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Questions regarding problems starting an engine. May be related to the starter system or other problems preventing the engine from running
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questions regarding either manual or automatic gearboxes and their component parts.
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Questions regarding automatic gearboxes, and associated parts such as torque converters
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a German automaker with worldwide presence, producing vehicles such as the Golf/Rabbit, Jetta, Passat and Eos.
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The clutch disengages the engine from the gearbox in a manual-transmission car, enabling the driver to change gear.
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A compact vehicle produced by Honda offered in sedan and coupe versions.
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Questions about finding what the problem is.
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A multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. Formally marketed as Datsun until approx 1982-1984.
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Japanese carmaker known for a variety of small hatchbacks, and the ever-popular mx5/miata sports car
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Questions about Air conditioning systems - other Heating and ventilation questions should use 'hvac'
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What does this sound mean questions. Please describe where the noise is coming from, at least generally.
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a luxury German auto & motorcycle maker producing such vehicles as 330i, 540i & x5
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remove heat from the engine. Also see cooling-system for related components such as the radiator and water-pump.
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the term given to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. -Wikipedia
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Japanese carmaker well known for its 4-wheel-drive models and boxer engines.
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Questions relating to a vehicle's roadwheels - e.g. questions about balancing, wheel types, and damage to wheels.
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System which removes excess heat from liquid cooled internal combustion engine. It also helps maintain the engine temperature at a consistent level. The cooling system encompasses the radiator, water …
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Questions regarding the car's ignition system, e.g. coils & coil packs, distributors, high-tension systems and related components
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Questions about Exhaust systems, Catalytic Converters and Headers/Manifolds
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a subsidiary of Fiat S. p. A.
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Often the first job for an amateur mechanic. Questions regarding changing the engine lubricant oil, or problems resulting from doing so.
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On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II). Questions usually involve scan tools, their use and their compatibility, as well as how to interpret Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
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Descended from the first motor car manufacturer, now a luxury German carmaker and part of the Daimler group.