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I am trying to replace my motorbike clutch friction plates, but cannot remove the basket around the plates ( I think that's what people mean when the say 'basket' - the cover over the plates that keeps them aligned and turns them.

I have this strange partblocking my removal of the basket:

enter image description here

It has a cover with a spring that presses on the inside of the side cover when the cluctch housing is closed up:

enter image description here

It looks like I need a special socket with four splines to remove the nut thingy holding it onto the threaded shaft, but have never come across such a tool, and will attempt hammering it anti-clockwise first, before trying to buy or build such a tool.

What could this thing and it's function be? There is nothing inside it when the top is on, and it's shaft is joined to another protruding from the gearbox by a thin chain.

This is on a 2012 Big Boy DRT-250. I think the 'Big Boy'brand, however, is local, in favour of something more generic. It is a cheap Chinese import but quite a nice little bike for the stipend it costs.

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What type of bike (make/model/year) is this on? –  Paulster2 May 25 '14 at 20:16
@Paulster2, sorry, see my edit. –  ProfK May 26 '14 at 2:21
Looking at the pictures, I take it the top pic is the one with the cover off (which is shown in the bottom pic). Going off this assumption, this part looks to be attached to an intermediate gear which changes the rotation so the final drive matches the rotation of the engine. It looks as though you'll need exactly the tool you described, a socket with four protruding fingers to grab the nut. You'll also need the torque spec on this as well when putting it back together. And by all means CLEAN THE HECK OUT OF THAT THING BEFORE REASSEMBLY!! :D –  Paulster2 May 27 '14 at 15:42
Found out it's a centrifugal oil filter. –  ProfK May 27 '14 at 20:58
Wow, would have never guessed, lol. Sounds like you're on it, though. –  Paulster2 May 27 '14 at 21:01

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